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Farmers' Hotel (Beaufort)

For other hotels with the same or similar names, see Farmers' Hotel.

Farmers' Hotel
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Town Beaufort
Known dates 1896-1912

The Farmers' Hotel was a hotel at Beaufort, <1896-1912>.




The hotel was at Beaufort.[1]


In December 1896 the publican was granted a temporary license:

D. Maher, for Beaufort Mechanics' Institute fancy fair on Boxing Day ; granted, subject to no objection being offered by Superintendent O'Callaghan owing to the required notice not being given.[2]

The hotel's license was reviewed by the License Reduction Board in January 1912.[1]

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The PeopleEdit

  • In December 1896 the publican's license was granted to D. Maher.[2]

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