Alchemist Gold Mining Company

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Alchemist Gold Mining Company
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Town Derwent Jacks
Street Donald McLeans Road
Closed 1866
Known dates 1865
Google maps 37°44'29.6"S 143°38'26.2"E

The Alchemist Gold Mining Company was mining company at Derwent Jacks, Victoria, <1865-1866 and again in 1884>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The company operated a mine at Derwent Jacks.[1] The Alchemist Mine was in Donald McLeans Road, Derwent Jacks, about 380 metres west of the main Pitfield Scarsdale Road.[2]

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Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In June 1865 the mine's progress was reported:

The Alchemist Company, Derwent Jack's Lead, has met with two feet of washdirt in the western drive, which promises shortly to lead to something more. The trials made have yielded a good prospect.[3]

The Alchemist Company, Derwent Jack's, is driving west with two feet of washdirt. Only two men are at work at the face but it is intended at once to double the number in each shift. A machineful will be washed about the end of the week. The quantity of washdirt got at present is too small to allow of an estimate of its value.[1]

The company was closed in August 1866:

Re Alchemist Company, Smythesdale.-Mr Salter moved that the order nisi in this matter be made absolute for the winding up of the company, as the debts claimed had not been paid. Motion granted, with £5 5s costs.[4]

The mine was reopened in August 1884:

Messrs Fife, Bebro, and party have taken up the ground recently worked with success by the Old Alchemist Company, Derwent Jacks. The claim consists of 75 acres, situated between that of the Go-a-head Co-operative Company, and that of the New Golden Belt Company, to the west. The Go a-head Company’s claim, which immediately adjoins the ground, has been giving splendid returns for some, considerable time past; the last machine washed off yielding 19 oz gold. The shareholders divided £11 per man for the fortnight. The gutter is said to be making direct towards Fife and party’s ground and it is considered, therefore, that the prospects of the new claim about to to be floated are first class; 10 oz to the machine is the last reported yield from the Alchemist mine. The timber in the shaft is still standing intact, and the cost of getting into gold will be proportionately less. Mr John Lynch has been instructed to survey the ground and further particulars will be announced shortly.[5]

In 1901 the Mining Court recommended the forfeiture of the lease:

A sittings of the Warden’s Court was held yesterday, Mr R. E. Johns, P.M., presiding. An application was made by Frank Henry Atkinson for the forfeiture of lease 3301, known as the Lough Derg, and situated at Derwent Jacks. Evidence was given that the lease was now in the name of Charles Ruffle, and that no work had been done on it for three years. The lease, with the exception of one corner, was virgin country. In the corner referred to there were some alluvial workings, and a shaft had been put down. This was done by a company known as the Alchemist, but they had not properly worked the ground. Applicant was prepared to put the shaft down another 75 feet. A second application for the same lease had been lodged by John Wilson, who how ever, was three hours behind the present applicant. The warden decided to recommend the forfeiture of the lease.[6]

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