Alexander Campbell

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Alexander Campbell
Occupation Publican, Hotel owner
Years active 1873-1884
Known for Heather Bell Hotel
St. Mungo Hotel
Home town Haddon
Spouse(s) Mary Ann Crow

Alexander Campbell was a publican and hotel owner in Ballarat and district, <1873-1884>.

History[edit | edit source]

In December 1873 Campbell was granted the license for the Heather Bell Hotel at Haddon.[1] It was renewed in December 1874 and 1876.[2][3]

Campbell married the widow of Alexander Crow, Mary Ann Crow, in 1880.[4] She transferred the license and ownership of the St. Mungo Hotel in Lydiard Street to him, which caused a legal dispute with her children.[5]

Campbell owned the Heather Bell Hotel at Haddon, when it was destroyed by fire in 1882:

ALARM OF FIRE. At an early hour this morning the Eastern and Western bells tolled forth the alarm of fire. There appeared to be some confusion as to the whereabouts of the fire, as it was first thought to be in the East. The fire was subsequently reported to be in the direction of Haddon. The brigades went out to render assistance. Later this morning our informant, Mr James Corcoran, of Haddon, who rode into Ballarat in haste with the news, states that the Heather Bell hotel, stables, end private house adjoining are totally destroyed by fire. Thee origin is at present unknown, but it is supposed the fire was the work of an incendiary. The house and contents were valued at fully £500, and the total loss is estimated by the proprietor, Mr A. Campbell, of the St, Mungo hotel, at close upon £1000. The premises were only partially insured. At the time our informant left about 80 men were endeavouring to save the adjoining property of Mr Meagher.[6]

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