Alicia Murphy

From Hotels of Ballarat
Alicia Murphy
Born Alicia Sheedy
Died 1901
Occupation Publican
Known for Eastern Railway Hotel
Home town Ballarat
Spouse(s) Edward Murphy
  • John Sheedy (father)
  • Margaret Smith (mother)

Alicia Murphy was a publican and hotel owner in Ballarat, <1901.

History[edit | edit source]

Alicia Murphy was born c. 1839 to John Sheedy and Margaret Smith.[1]

In December 1900 Murphy had her license for the Eastern Railway Hotel renewed.[2]

In 1901, Murphy's unexpected death caused problems for her family with the Licensing Court:

A DELAYED LICENSE. Before His Honor Judge Molesworth and Messrs Patterson and Leader, P.M.’s. Thomas Carroll applied for the transfer of the license of the Eastern Bailway hotel from Alicia Murphy (deceased) to himself. It appears that at the annual Licensing Court Carroll made a similar application, but as he had not obtained letters of administration the license could not be granted. Mr Fred. Ham appeared for the applicant, and Mr J. B. Pearson (Pearson and Mann), for the Ballarat Trustees and Executors Company, executors of the will of the late Alicia Murphy, owner of the premises. Before proceeding with this case, an application of Alicia Murphy for a transfer of the same license from Edward Murphy, deceased, to herself was struck out, owing to the death of Mrs Murphy. Mr Ham said that Carroll had not yet taken out letters of administration, but they had obtained the necessary order entitling them to take put the necessary letters. The section provided that an agent could be appointed by the Licensing Court, and nominated by the administrator. This had not been done. His Honor— That Is where administration is granted. You have not got administration. Mr Ham—We are allowed to carry on for six months as a member of the family, but it seems that unless we get letters of administration within two months we cannot carry on. That is contradictory. His Honor pointed out that a date could be fixed on which a special application could be made which would allow the applicant time, or if he failed to perfect his letters of administration the owner could come in and obtain a transfer. Mr Ham—Would that mean that the hotel would be closed until the time fixed. His Honor—Not at all. The case could be heard on the 8th January, at 10 o’clock.[3]

Funeral report:

The remains of the late Mrs Alicia Murphy, widow of the late Mr Edward Murphy, M.L.A., were interred in the Ballarat New Cemetery on Thursday. The funeral was very largely attended. The oak coffin was borne by the following gentlemen:—Messrs J. G. Mullins, H. G- Chiapper, C. Kirby, and J. Chappell. The pall-bearers were Mayor Pearce, Crs Dunn, Johnston, James, and Kenna, Messrs M. E. Carey, C. Robertson, Kirby, M’Cann, Browne, Thomas, and M. Purtz. The service at the grave was conducted by the Rev. Father Kennelly. Mr Wm. O’Brien, of Buninyong, was the undertaker.[4]

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