All Nations Hotel (Beaufort)

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All Nations Hotel
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Town Beaufort
Closed 1912
Known dates 1884-1912

The All Nations Hotel was a hotel at Beaufort, <1884-1912.

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Background[edit | edit source]

The hotel was at Beaufort.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

In December 1884 the police opposed the granting of a license to the hotel:

The application of Wilhelm Schlicht for a license for the All Nations hotel, Beaufort, was opposed by Inspector Parkinson on the grounds that groceries and liquor were sold over the same counter, and there was only one entrance to the hotel and grocery store. The application was granted on condition that a separate room and entrance is provided for carrying on the hotel business.[2]

In December 1896 the publican, Wilhelm Schlicht, was granted a temporary license for the Beaufort Jockey Club's New Year's Day races.[3]

The hotel's license was reviewed by the Licenses Reduction Board in February 1912.[1]

In the case of the All Nations’ Hotel, Mr Young appeared for the owner-(Mr W. P. Schlicht), and the licensee Mr E. Schlicht), and stated' that they did not intend to oppose the deprivation of the license. Supt. Milne said the hotel could he deprived of its license without seriously inconveniencing the public, notwithstanding that he believed it was the best conducted in Victoria. No one could get a drink there after 8 p.m. (Laughter). Senior-Constable Rohan said the place was conducted under the Shops' and Factories’ Act rather than the Licensing Act. (Laughter). After hearing the statements of two-witnesses, the Board’s decision, was-reserved.[4]

The result of the hearing was that the hotel was to be closed.[5]

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