All Nations Hotel (Blackwood)

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All Nations Hotel
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Town Golden Point, Blackwood
Known dates 1857-1860

The All Nations Hotel was a hotel in Blackwood, Victoria, <1857-1860>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Golden Point, Blackwood.[1][2]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In November 1857 the hotel was the venue for a large number of miners concerned by the actions of the police magistrate, C.Shuter, Esq. J.P. They passed three resolutions, showing perhaps that they missed the irony of the hotel's name:

"This meeting deeply deplores the extreme partiality shown by C. Shuter, Esq., J.P., during the late trial on the Chinese affray,— and is of opinion that his conduct on that occasion was subversive of all law and justice, his decision, contrary to evidence, and calculated to destroy that confidence and respect which all administrators of the law should command."

"That the general conduct of the Chinese on the gold-fields is overbearing and insulting towards Europeans, and calculated to create serious breaches of the peace."

"This meeting is of opinion that the Chinese are an obnoxious race, and protests against any more being admitted into the colony ; and is further of opinion that every legitimate means should be used for the expulsion of those already here, and if there be no such means it is the duty of the legislature to pass a law for the purpose, immediately on their reassembling."[3]

In June 1859 a meeting was called at the hotel over concerns with the mining surveyor:

A meeting of the persons who signed a memorial to the Mining Board in January last, complaining of certain conduct of the District Mining Surveyor is called for Saturday evening at the All Nation's Hotel, to take into consideration the action and correspondence of the Mining Board on the subject, and to decide on what further steps shall be taken in reference thereto.[4]

In October 1860 the hotel was a venue for a meeting of residents to develop better access to the town. They wanted to build a road via Tylden and Woodend to give a direct link to the railway between Melbourne and the Murray River.[1]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

  • In September 1858 about 60 men sat down to a dinner to support the local MLA, Mr. Joseph Wilkie.[2] A ball ws held on the next evening.

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References[edit | edit source]

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