American Hotel (Hepburn)

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American Hotel
The American Hotel c.1900
Town Hepburn
Known dates 1900-1908
Demolished Destroyed by fire, 1908

The American Hotel was a hotel in Hepburn, Victoria <1900-1908>.

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The hotel was in Hepburn.[1]

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This description of the hotel was included in the Weekly Times in December 1900:

AMERICAN HOTEL, HEPBURN. The picturesque little township of Hepburn, which gives its name to the springs and is only distant from them a little over half a mile, possesses a well known and popular hostelry, the American Hotel. Equally well known and popular is its proprietor, Mr Robert Righetti, who knows every square yard of the district, and as a guide, philosopher, and friend on a shooting excursion is without a superior. The American is a very comfortable house, with good accommodation for boarders at exceedingly reasonable rates, and with an excellent stock of liquors. Cobb and Co.'s Daylesford cabs leave and arrive at the hotel every two hours, so that visitors may run in and out of the principal town as they choose. A billiard table is not the least among the attractions of the American, and supplies a pleasant means of ekeing out an enjoyable holiday.[1]

March 1907:

DAYLESFORD.— Righetti's American Hotel, midway between Hepburn and Lithia Springs, superior Accommodation; cabs meet all trains.[2]

The hotel was destroyed by fire in October 1908, and the licensee surrendered the license to the Licenses Reduction Board:

DAYLESFORD. — At 3 a.m. on Monday a fire broke out at Mr. R. Righetti's American Hotel, Hepburn. The building, which was of wood, was totally destroyed, together with the contents. The flames spread so rapidly that the inmates, who hail retired to rest, narrowly escaped with their lives. Not even wearing apparel was saved. The building and contents were insured in the Commercial Union office for £1080. The origin of the fire is not known. Mr. Righetti was owner and occupier.[3]

Mr Meagher (instructed by Mr J. R. Thompson) applied to have the remaining evidence in the case of the American hotel, Hepburn, heard in Melbourne. The licensee, who was also owner, was unable to attend at Daylesford, through illness. The board decided to fix a day for the hearing of the case.[4]

AMERICAN HOTEL, HEPBURN. The American Hotel, Hepburn which was situated near Daylesford, in the Franklin licensing district was destroyed by fire, and the owner and licence, Mrs. M. E. Righetti consequently surrendered the license towards the end of last year. The evidence was that is an hotel in fair rent during the statutory period would have been 10/ per week and delicensed and used as a dwelling or boarding-house 12/6 per week. Having regard to all the circumstances, the board fixed the compensation to be paid at £166, being £100 as owner and £66 is licensee.[5]

The chairman, continuing, said that the Board had considered the compensation claim in respect to the American Hotel, Hepburn. The hotel, situated near Daylesford, was destroyed by fire, and the owner and licensee, Mrs M. E. Righetti, consequently surrendered her license towards the end of last year. The evidence was that as an hotel a fair rent during the statutory period would have been 30s per week, and delicensed and used as a dwelling or boardinghouse 12s 6d per week. The claim of the licensee was rendered difficult of proof by the fact that the books and records of the business were destroyed by fire, but it was shown that a fair trade was done both in the bar and in the house. As against this, the expenses, taking rent at 30s per week, were heavy, and the net profit shown was not large. Having regard to all the circumstances, the Board had fixed the compensation to be paid— as owner LI00, and as licensee L66, total L166.[6]

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