Ann Burkett

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Ann Burkett
Occupation Publican
Years active 1868-1869
Known for White Swan Hotel
Home town Creswick
Spouse(s) Thomas Burkett

Ann Burkett was a publican in Creswick, Victoria, <1868-1869>.

History[edit | edit source]

Ann Burkett (also spelled as Anne Burkitt) took over the license of the White Swan Hotel in Creswick after the death of her husband. In July 1868 she had Charles Crapp charged with abusive language:

Anne Burkitt v Charles Crapp, using abusive language to complainant in a public place, whereby a breach of the peace might have been occasioned, on 9th July, at Creswick; Mr Burton for the plaintiff, Mr Hockley for the defence. It appeared that Mrs Burkitt is in debted to the defendant for a loan effected by the late Mr Burkitt, and that although the money was not due, the defendant went to Mrs Burkitt's house (the White Swan hotel) on the subject, and during the discussion that ensued, he said, addressing Mrs Burkitt, that she was a damned liar, and that both her and her deceased husband were damned swindlers. The defendant was fined 40s, with 1l 1s costs.[1]

In September 1869 she transferred the license to Thomas Honnor.[2]

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