August Hoelscher

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August Hoelscher
Occupation Publican
Mine owner
Mining company director
Years active 1870s
Known for Hoelscher's Hotel
Minerva Mine, Elaine
Home town Elaine

August Hoelscher was a publican at Elaine, 1873-1875.

History[edit | edit source]

Hoelscher was granted a hotel license in Elaine in December 1873.[1]

This description of Hoelscher was written May 1873 after he had made a lot of money from the Minerva Mine:

Mr. Hoelscher is a notability in his way, having been long established as a storekeeper and mining investor at Elaine, better known to the Ballarat pilgrims of early days as the Stony Rises. Large of heart and strong in faith was the subject of this brief sketch. When the diggers could scarcely raise the color, still less make "tucker," the German storekeeper proved himself a fast friend. Neither flour, tea, sugar, nor meat did they ever lack; and times went ill indeed when there was not a " nip" or a pint of beer on the Sunday. Some were grateful, a few roved, but the majority, I believe, remained stanch to their adopted flag ; so that now Mr. Hoelscher is reaping the reward of his confidence and large-mindedness. The old store is still the chief rendezvous of the whilom hard-up but now prosperous miners, although some half-dozen publichouses, and twice as many depots of merchandise; both hard and soft and perishable, have been or are about being opened in almost envious vicinity.[2]

When Hoelscher left Elaine in June 1875, he was presented with an illuminated address at a dinner held at Conley's Hotel to farewell him:

A neat and tastefully illuminated and engrossed address, for presentation to Mr August Hoelscher, of Elaine, has been executed by Mr W. N. Lansley, and will be presented in a few days. The address is a small recognition by a number of the residents of Elaine, more particularly, those connected with the Minerva Company, of the esteem in which Mr Hoelscher is held. The illumination work consists of floral borders, representing fanciful leaves worked with gold, &c., and silver lettering. At the top of the souvenir there is a figure-head representing Minerva.[3]

COMPLIMENTARY BANQUET TO MR A. HOELSCHER. On Tuesday evening, at Conley’s hotel, Elaine, a complimentary banquet was given to Mr A. Hoelscher, a very old resident of that district, on the occasion of his leaving the locality to reside in Ballarat. There was a very numerous and influential company at dinner; and the chair was occupied by Mr Alex Millan, M. M. B., and. Mr Nugent filled the vice chair. The dinner was capital, reflecting credit on the host as caterer. During the evening the following address was presented by the chairman to Mr Hoelscher:— “To August Hoelscher, Esq. Dear Sir, - The occasion of your leaving the district in which you have resided for the last sixteen years, during which we have been pleasantly associated with you, affords us an opportunity of giving expression to the feelings of esteem and regard that we all entertain for one who, both as a fellow-.worker for the good of the district, and as a private friend, has ever been universally respected. While regretting your removal from our midst, we most heartily congratulate you upon your success in life, which your enterprise in the development of the district and your integrity and liberality have won for you, and we cordially trust that every success and happiness may attend you and yours in the future. Requesting your, acceptance of this as a small souvenir of pleasant associations. We subscribe ourselves, dear sir, yours very sincerely, A. MILLAN and 19 others." Mr. Hoelscher replied in feeling terms. The chairman then proposed - "The guest of the evening," and the toast was drunk in bumpers of champagne with musical honors. The vice-chairman proposed— “Prosperity to Elaine. Mr Meikson responded. Mr W. Luplau proposed - "The mining interest," and Mr Millan, M.M.B. responded. Mr Kay proposed a vote of thanks to the chair which was duly acknowledged. Mr Davis proposed the health of the vice-chairman, and Mr Nugent returned thanks. Mr Ringrose proposed - "The host," and Mr Conley returned thanks, stating that he felt happy that his efforts to please had met with approval. Some good songs were sung during the evening. The company escorted Mr Hoelscher to the railway station, and there sang “Auld Lang Syne,” and gave him three hearty cheers.[4]

Hoelscher was involved as a mining speculator and shareholder in various mining companies:

  • In September 1876 he was a director of the Elaine Company and chaired a shareholders meeting at Conley's Hotel.[5]
  • In February 1880, he was a shareholder in the Ballarat Consols Company and took a leading role in discussions following the resignation of the Board of Directors.[6]

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