Bald Hills

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Bald Hills is a small community about 6kms south west of Creswick and 4kms north east of Miners' Rest.

History[edit | edit source]

This description of Bald Hills was written in December 1861:

ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.-The Rev Mr Barry, from Ballarat, celebrated mass at the Bald Hills on last Monday, and upwards of £60 was subscribed by the Roman Catholic population towards the building of a Catholic Chapel and School. This is a good beginning, and it is to be hoped that the work begun so well will be carried out as energetically, and a place of worship be soon erected, which will also serve for the tuition of the rising generation.
IMPROVEMENTS.-Buildings of all sorts are springing up at the Bald Hills with great rapidity. Stores, barber shops, and chemists, in fact every provision is being made for the requirements of an increasing and thriving population. Several persons from Creswick have lately opened branch establishments, amongst whom are Mr Edwards, the chemist, and Mr Rees, the hairdresser both well known in Creswick. Mr Brawn the auctioneer, is also building a large store Two fine streets are being formed, and when the various buildings now in the course of erection are finished, it will present a very business-like appearance. The Concert hall of the Wellington Hotel is nearly finished, and will be inaugurated by Mr Winchester with a ball and supper when completed.[1]

Hotels[edit | edit source]

This hotel, from September 1861, has not yet been identified:

The largest store on North Clunes, and at one time here (Mr Dockery's) is now being removed to Bald Hills, to be fitted up as an hotel, for which it is admirably suited. This place will shortly look very blank. The cause of the falling off in business here is, that the miners presently engaged there have taken up residence claims or purchased property on the surveyed township.[2]

Is this the same (September 1861) from four days later:

At the Bald Hills there is a large new hotel going up opposite the Commercial Hotel, that sold for £520 the other day. That sale appears to have attracted attention to the locality. Mr Barclay has greatly improved his hotel, and appears determined to keep pace with the times.[3]

List of hotels in Bald Hills

People[edit | edit source]

People living and working in Bald Hills

References[edit | edit source]

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