Ballarat Brewery Company

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Ballarat Brewery Company
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Town Ballarat
Street Drummond Street
Known dates 1870
Other names Farrington and Co.

The Ballarat Brewery Company was a brewery in Ballarat, Victoria, <1870>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The brewery was in Drummond Street, Ballarat.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

This company should not be confused with the later Ballarat Brewing Company.

History[edit | edit source]

In 1870 the Ballarat Star described the brewery in a newspaper article on the breweries of Ballarat:

In Drummond street is the Ballarat Brewery Company’s establishment, formerly carried on by Farrington and Co.. We do not propose to go all over the brewing process again (see Napier Brewery for a description), but merely to describe the specialties met with in the other breweries. There is a hot water tank here which hold 24 hhds, and the wort copper, which is about the same size, has a double case of iron, and the steam, when let in between the two cases, heats the “ wort.” This is considered a great improvement on the steam-jet. The mash tun holds 30 hogsheads, and has a false bottom of perforated iron. When the crushed malt is ready for mashing here, the water is forced into the tun at the top and bottom. The mashing is done with one of Robinson’s patent machines. This machine consists of a small cylinder with a double case, the inner one perforated like a small cylindrical shower bath. The malt from the hopper runs down inside the inner case, while the hot water forced between the two cases thoroughly mashes it. The other apparatus here consists of a patent refrigerator, malt mill, and an 8-horse power engine which works a force-pump to carry the water to the top of the building. The water which passes through the pipes of the refrigerator of course becomes warm with the hot liquor passing over it, and it is carried into the boiler. The jet here for washing the casks throws up both water and steam. It is the invention of a Sandhurst man, and is looked upon as an improvement on the simple steam- jet, as it does no damage to the casks. The two fermenting tuns hold 37 hogsheads each. The cellar of the Ballarat Brewery Company holds 220 hogsheads. Both porter and ale are brewed here, and a good deal of bottling is done In the summer time, when there is a demand for it, a little cider is made.[1]

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