Ballarat Hotel (Eganstown)

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Ballarat Hotel
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Town Eganstown
Closed 31 December 1915
Known dates 1915
Demolished May 1918

The Ballarat Hotel was a hotel at Eganstown, Victoria, <1915.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was at Eganstown, Victoria.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

The hotel was on a list of hotels considered for closure by the License Reduction Board in February 1915, and hearings were held in March. A decision was made to close the hotel.[2]

The hotel was delicensed in 1915. The court paid £280 compensation to the owner[1], and the licensee £40.[3]

The building was demolished in May 1918:

EGANSTOWN (DEEP CREEK) WEDNESDAY, 29th MAY. At 1 p.m. EXTENSIVE CLEARING SALE Of Second-hand Corrugated Iron, Builders' Material ,& Requisites, Gal, Iron Tanks, . Chattels, &c. JOHN T. SLOAN & CO. will sell by public auction, under definite instructions from Mr Jas. Connors, who is dismantling the de-licensed Ballarat Hotel and Store, and arranging all the superior material in these commodious buildings into convenient purchasers' lots so as to effect a clearance by unreserved sale. 500 Sheets Gal. Corrugated Iron (all lengths), Pine Flooring, Lining and Shelving,' Sawn Hardwood (all sizes and lengths), Panel and Ledge doors, Bar and Store Windows and Sashes, Mouldings, Architraves, Scotias, Ridging, Down Pipe, Spouting, Bricks, Chimneys, Counters, Bar and Store Fittings, Gal. lron Tanks, Chattels and Numerous Sundries. Surplus Household Furniture, including Linoleums, &c,. JOHN T. SLOAN & CO., Auctioneers, Allendale ('Phone 2), Creswick, Clunes and Daylesford.[4]

EGANSTOWN. LAST OF AN OLD HOTEL AND STORE. The closing scene was enacted on Wednesday last the the history of the old Ballarat hotel and store, situated at the Deep Creek Bridge, which, for some time past, has been delicensed, and has recently been dismantled for realisation in builders lots, of which it contained vast quantities of very superior quality, making it a very attractive scene for the buyer and speculator in second-hand material, who were reinforced by district farmers for many miles around so that this old locality has not enjoyed such animation and excitement since the cessation of the prosperous days of local mining. Immediately upon Messrs John T. Sloan and Co., district auctioneers, proceeding to submit the various lots keen buyers thronged around and brisk competition began, becoming later on very eager and exciting. The final results being favorable to the farmers, who in a large degree outbid metropolitan and country centre builders and speculators, and seemed splendid parcels for farm homestead renovation. The prices realised displayed a marked advance on previous, district sales, 4000ft (exceeding 3½ tons weight) galvanised corrugated iron being disposed of in parcels, in less than a quarter of, an hour at an average price of 1s pet foot, inferior lots being placed at slightly less, while much of the building timber realised record prices. The catalogue being very lengthy the sale continued till sunset, when the auctioneer gladly adjourned the sale till a later date, when the joinery, fittings, and furniture will be finally disposed of. Conspicuous amongst the crowd were several Daylesford buyers (who were very successful in securing good parcels), while the farmers from the surrounding rural districts mustered in strong force, the aggressive intentions being revealed by the transport waggons that accompanied them, and a better demonstration was afforded towards nightfall when they undertook the collection at their various lots.[5]

The final sale of goods and the block of land took place in June 1918:

AUCTION SALE FINISHED. The balance of the unsold lots, from the previous sale by auction at the old Ballarat hotel and store at the Deep Creek, on behalf, of Mr Jas. Connors, was disposed of on Saturday afternoon by Messrs John T. Sloan and Co., district auction eers, when there was a ready demand at satisfactory prices, numerous buyers being in attendance. The freehold area of one acre was keenly competed for, and it was finally purchased for £14/10- by Mr Wm. C. Robinson, a local resident. The whole sale has proved a very satisfactory transaction for the vendor.[6]

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