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Barry's Reef is a small community about 40kms east of Ballarat. It is about 2.5 kms north of Blackwood

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Barry's Reef was a small mining community just north of Blackwood. It had a large number of hotels, and as early as 1876 the Licensing Court was refusing new licenses on the grounds that were already too many hotels:

July 1876:

Mary Jane Hodgson applied for a license for the house and premises known as the North Sultan hotel, Barry's Reef. Objections were taken by the police on the ground that sufficient hotel accommodation was already provided at Barry's Beef. Constable Hawkes stated that these was a hotel at the reef for every fifty of the adult population. A petition from thirty of the ratepayers residing at Barry's Reef was presented by Mr W. Powell, showing that the number of public-houses now open was more than sufficient for the requirements of the place. The bench did not set much value on petitions, and were not influenced by the one presented. However, the evidence of Constable Hawkes, and the testimony of Mr Powell, as rate payers, was sufficient to uphold their determination not to grant any more licenses for Barry's Reef. The application was therefore refused.[1]

December 1876:

The application of Mary Ann Maher for a license for the Family hotel was refused, as it was objected to by Constable Hawkes for the following reasons — the house not being required; applicant was not a fit and proper person, as she had been fined twice within six months for using obscene language. He further stated that there was a public-house on Barry's Reef to every twenty-five drinking men. T. Hodgens' application for a license for the North Sultan hotel was unopposed by the police, but Messrs J. Williams, T. Scales, and J. Donnathorne appeared on behalf of a body of ratepayers to oppose it, on the ground that the house was not wanted, as it was only about 400 yards from another public-house: and that for an adult population of 800 there were now nine licensed houses, which they thought quite sufficient. After a very long and patient hearing of statements of both sides, the bench refused the application.[2]

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