Brabant's Hotel

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Brabant's Hotel
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Town Hepburn
Opened 13 February 1857
Known dates 1857-1862

Brabant's Hotel was a hotel in Hepburn, Victoria, 1857-1862>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was described as being at the old racecourse in Hepburn, three miles from Daylesford.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

The hotel opened on 13 February 1857:

The hotel spoken of in my last is near completion ; it is a spacious building, and when finished will afford great accommodation to the population of the neighbourhood. The situation of the house is excellent, and from the front a most majestic and imposing scenery presents itself. Mr. Brabant (the proprietor) is well known, and will doubtless use his best exertions to make the establishment worthy of public patronage. The opening dinner and ball will take place on Friday evening, February 13, when a numerous gathering will of a certainty do honor to an old friend in a new capacity.[2]

Brabant's Hotel was opened on the 13th of last month with a splendid supper and ball which passed off with great eclat. The hotel is very spacious, and contains every convenience not only for those who reside in the neighborhood but for travellers who may think fit to pay it a visit.[3]

From March 1857:

Brabant's Hotel was crowded on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings, to witness the excellent performances of Miss Julia Harland, and Messrs. Sherwin, Norman, and Hoskins. The old Race Course never perhaps had such a gathering before. The party met with unbounded applause from every part of the spacious assembly room. The effect produced was gratifying indeed to the artistes engaged, and judging from the good humour which pervaded the audience. The affair was a profitable one to mine host, and well repaid him for the heavy expense incurred in securing the services of so much sterling talent.[4]

History[edit | edit source]

In March 1858 a meeting was organised at the hotel to establish a miners' association:

A number of miners assembled at Brabant's Hotel, Old Race Course, a few evenings since to organise a Miners' Association. Such organisation was soon effected. Mr. James F. Edwards was elected president ; Mr. Robinson, vice-president ; Mr. Oase, secretary ; and Mr. Buston, treasurer. It was unanimously agreed to make an effort to raise the sum of £200 for the purpose of building a miners' hall at the Race Course, and a collecting committee of twenty-nine men, with power to add to their number, were chosen to carry out the views of the meeting. To show the spirit in which the business was entered into, I will just relate a circumstance that took place immediately after the meeting closed : a subscription paper was laid on the Chairman's table, and the company present were invited to walk up ; and, suiting the action to the word, in a few minutes the sum of £43 17s. was subscribed.[5]

In July 1861 the hotel was used to recruit people for the volunteer military:

The enrolment of members for the rifle corps continues steadily, and the attendance and progress at drill is very satisfactory On Wednesday, Mr M'Causland attended at Brabant's Hotel, Old Racecourse, for the purpose of administering the oaths to the Hepburn contingent. About twenty-five names wore enrolled, of whom about twenty were sworn in. The number of one hundred, originally fixed upon for the strength of the corps, for whom arms will be supplied at present is fast approaching completion.[6]

The hotel was offered for sale in November 1862:

FOR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, BRABANT'S HOTEL, Old Racecourse, Hepburn, Three Miles from Daylesford, and on the Main Line of road from Daylesford to Castlemaine, through Hepburn and Franklinford. WM. GEO. HART has received instructions from Messrs Burton and Co. to offer for private sale, all that land, messuages, and tenements, known as Brabant's Hotel, Old Racecourse, Hepburn. The hotel consists of 7 bedrooms, 3 parlors and bar, Large billiard room for four tables. Situate on about four acres of ground, freehold, cleared, and under cultivation, a portion of which is stocked with fruit and forest trees. Terms Liberal. Applications to be made up to Wednesday, 17th December, to Messrs Burton and Co., on the premises, or to WM. GEO. HART, Auctioneer, Daylesford.[1]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

The People[edit | edit source]

  • In March 1858 the publican was Mr. Brabant.[7]

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References[edit | edit source]

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