Brewery Hotel (Drummond Street)

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Brewery Hotel
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Town Ballarat
Street Drummond Street South
Opened 1861
Known dates 1862-1872
Other names O'Connor's Hotel

The Brewery Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, 1861-1872>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The Brewery Hotel was in Drummond Street South[1][2], on the corner with Sebastopol Street, next to the Golden Empire Hotel.[3] In December 1873, it was referred to as O'Connor's Hotel.[4]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In August 1861, James Shiel O'Connor's application for a license for the hotel was postponed for two weeks as the building was not yet completed.[5]

In July 1862 the publican, James Shiel O'Connor went on a drunken spree, assaulting his wife and neighbor, and smashing up the hotel:

"...He knocked a tooth out of her head, and smashed everything in the place. She had three children now sick, attended by Dr Nicholson. On the previous day he took all the money he could lay his hands on, and went away. He returned home drunk in a cab, and seized a stick and smashed all the bottles of rum, brandy, gin, and in fact did not leave a bottle in the bar..."[6]

The hotel was damaged in a fire which destroyed the Golden Empire Hotel in March 1872:

A fire occurred at about half-past one o'clock this morning at the Golden Empire hotel, in Drummond street, between Sebastopol and South streets. The hotel was completely destroyed, only the chimneys remaining. A building forming the south end of the Brewery hotel, occupied by Mrs Shannon, and belonging to Messrs Murton and Leggo, was also burned. The Golden Empire was the property at Mr Barry, of the Mallow Hotel, Skipton street, and had been unoccupied for some months. We understand the hotel was insured for £250 in the Victoria Company, but could not ascertain whether the Brewery hotel was insured or not.[3]

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References[edit | edit source]

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