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Bridge Hotel
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Town Eganstown
Known dates 1890-1926

The Bridge Hotel was a hotel at Eganstown, Victoria, <1890-1926>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Eganstown.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

The hotel was on a list of hotels considered for closing by the Licensing Reduction Board in 1915. There was a court hearing in March 1915 to hear arguments for closing the hotel:

BRIDGE HOTEL, EGANSTOWN. Mr Shellard for the owners (A. H. Mayson, J. W. Mayson and E. K. D. Mayson) and the licensee (E. K. D. Mayson) Supt. Bennett said that he visited the hotel on January 18. There were 13 rooms, in all, including five bed rooms for the public and three for the family. The building was of wood and very old. It was clean and furnished fit for requirements. The trade was passing and tourist. By Mr Shellard: I think one hotel out of the three would be sufficient and if I were dealing with it I would leave this one. There is a good cemented underground, tank and a wood lined tank.
Constable Strain said that the nearest hotel was Luminatti's, about 20 chains away. The Ballarat Hotel was three-quarters of a mile away and the National Hotel about 1½ miles away. There were about 40 private houses with [n i e] radius. The locality combined wood-carting, mining and farming. He considered the three hotels were necessary. When the Adelaide mine was working there was not sufficient accommodation in Eganstown and the men had to walk to Daylesford. It was a tourist resort as well, while up to thirty men were prospecting. There were several good mineral springs close to the hotel. By the Board: I have known as many as twenty tourists staying at Morgarty's private house. Then there are daily trips from Daylesford. I have seen a few tourists staying at the hotel. I should think Hart's Hotel has the biggest turnover. By Mr Shellard: The post office is a few doors away from the Bridge Hotel, and the mail coach always puts up there. The O.T.Company had recently taken over the Deep Creek Spring and improved it, while the Hepburn Spring has been lost. The tourist traffic to Eganstown was rapidly increasing. By the Board: I do not know that the four hotels put together at Eganstown do not have a turnover equal to one in Daylesford. I don't know of any teetotallers there. Mr Shellard submitted that the springs had not yet been developed, because that energy had been expended at Hepburn. Since the latter's main spring had unfortunately been lost, attention was being directed to Eganstown, and must eventually draw a heavy traffic. Evidence in favor of the hotel was given by Arthur Mayson, E. K. D. Mayson, R. C. Densem, R. W. Hinkson, John Egan, and Maurice Griffiths (mine manager of the Abundance). Each considered the possibilities great so far as mining and mineral springs are concerned. Decision was reserved.[1]

Following the death of the publican, Mrs. Coker in Septemebr 1914, the hotel passed into the hands of her sons. They put the hotel up for sale in April 1915:

SALE OF COKER'S HOTEL. The most important sale of township property probably ever held at Eganstown will take place this afternoon at 2.50, when Messrs Somer and Dabb, auctioneers, of Maldon, will offer by auction on the, premises, the well-known Bridge Hotel, at Eganstown. Much importance attaches to the sale by, reason of the fact that this will be the only hotel at Eganstown after December 31st next, the remaining houses having been delicensed by the Licenses Reduction Board as from that date. This will mean that the whole of the local trade will be concentrated at the one spot; while the now famous, Deep Creek Mineral Spring has already commenced to attract large numbers of tourists, who will want increased accommodation as the time goes on and the spring becomes more widely known. For these reasons, competition for the hotel will probably be keen, while that for the other properties in the Mayson estate will also command attention.[2]

The hotel must not have sold, and in December 1915, it was offered for lease:

TO LEASE FOR A TERM. BRIDGE HOTEL, EGANSTOWN. Only Hotel open after End of Year. Close to O.T. Deep Spring. Inspection invited. Particulars from A. H. MAYSON, Owner, on the premsies.[3]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

In September 1917, the hotel was the focus for the testing and opening of the new bridge:

EGANSTOWN.TESTING AND OPENING OF A BRIDGE. Our correspondent writes:-The testing, opening and christening of the new reinforced concrete bridge at Eganstown, near Mayson's Bridge Hotel, took place last Saturday afternoon. This bridge was built by Mr Chester, contractor, of Melbourne, and Mr Langley, of the Shire of Glenlyon was the engineer. Half the expense of erecting the bridge was borne by the Country Roads Board and the other half by Glenlyon Shire. At three o'clock, there were about 50 ratepayers present, including the President of the Shire, Cr Qeo. Bremuer, aud Crs Egan and McKinnon, Shire Engineer Langley, and Contractor K. Chester. A traction engine, weighing 16 tons, had been brought from Dayiesford by Messrs Main and Savage, to test the bridge which stood the trial without a tremor. The general opinion was that it would staud a 30-ton test. Mr Langley introduced the President of the Shire, Cr Bremner, who outlined the details re the construction of the bridge and complimented the contractor and the engineer on the fine structure which has been erected. It was, he said, a credit to both contractor and engineer, and now that all the bridges on the road from Daylesford to Eganstown were excellent ones, a few pounds spent on the road would give the public a beautiful drive to the famous tourist resort and mineral springs. Crs McKinnon and Egan endorsed the remarks the President (Cr Bremner) and Mr Langley also spoke. Cr Bremner, at this stage, declared the bridge open for traffic and named it the Eganstown Bridge, whereupon Miss Mayson and Miss Treweek broke a bottle of champagne on the top rails of the bridge. An adjournment was then made to Mayson's Bridge Hotel when the health of councillors, the engineer and the contractor were drunk and each returned thanks. Mr Mayson, on behalf of the ratepayers thanked the councillors, engineer and contractor for the fine bridge provided in place of the old structure. It was a credit to all concerned. The Eganstown road had been declared by the Country Roads Board as being the main road between Daylesford and Ballarat, and reinforced concrete bridges would last for all time, as no doubt would the one just opened. The gathering was concluded with cheers and the National Anthem.[4]

In 1927 the former publican was named as the corespondent in charges of misconduct brought by Arthur Rayson against his wife, Edith Emily Rayson. He alledged his wife had an affair at Eganstown in 1926 with Chester Lempriere Tucker. The charges were later overturned after an appeal by Edith Rayson.[5]

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