Briggs' Hotel

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Briggs' Hotel
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Town Golden Point, Blackwood
Street Camp Street
Known dates 1855-1856

Briggs' Hotel was a hotel in Blackwood, Victoria, <1855-1856>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Camp Street, Golden Point, Blackwood.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Entertainment was provided at the hotel (August 1855):

AMUSEMENTS — BRIGGS' HOTEL. — Here we have P. Wigan and company amusing their visitors with an entertainment entitled, "Our Friends, their Songs and Sayings," and if talent be any attraction this company must be successful; the entertainments consist of short farces, songs, both comic and sentimental, together with well selected recitations. The character of Paul Pry was remarkably well sustained by Mr H. Wigan last Saturday evening, after which he gave a scene from the Lady of Lyons, with great taste, which at once stamped him as an actor of great promise. The rest of the company were remarkably well received, and doubtless they will soon become established favorites on Mount Blackwood.[2]

In November 1855, after a severe storm which orphaned two children and destroyed buildings, the hotel held a concert to raise funds to help provide for the children:

A subscription was set on foot for the orphans, and two entertainments were got up for their benefit, the one at Brigg's Hotel and the other at the Golden Point Hotel. The total amount realised was some £29, the one at Brigg's Hotel netting £21 15s.[3]

The Anglican Church opened in 1855, and a concert at Brigg's Hotel In November helped to pay the cost of its construction:

The Church of England is now open here, but it seems, that the committee are £57 in debt to the contractors ; with a view of making up the deficiency, a musical and dramatic entertainment is to be given at Brigg's hotel. This is certainly a novel mode of raising money to pay for building a church, but most likely the committee think that the end justifies the means.[3]

In December 1855 the hotel was the venue for a farewell dinner:

On Saturday evening last, a farewell dinner was given at Briggs's Hotel, Camp street, to Dr Owens, on his taking his seat as a nominee member of the Legislative Council. The chair was filled by D. Fitzpatrick, Esq., J.P., and the vice-chair by Mr Woodward. All the camp officials were present, and the most respectable general company of the inhabitants that has yet assembled on these diggings. The dinner was complete, and most excellently served up, and reflects the greatest credit upon Mr Briggs, the proprietor of the hotel.[1]

Entertainment in January 1856:

Mr Youle, the inimical personater of Negro character and comic singer, takes a benefit next week at Briggs's Hotel ; we may expect a rare treat that evening, and there is no doubt he will have a crowded house.[4]

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