Brownsvale Hotel

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Brownsvale Hotel
Brownsvale hotel.jpeg
Brownsvale Hotel, 1866, by William Tibbetts (State Library of Victoria)
Town Brownsvale Hotel
Known dates 1866-1871

The Brownsvale Hotel was a hotel in Brownsvale, Victoria, <1866-1871>.


The hotel was in Brownsvale[1], near Scarsdale.


The hotel was built by David Porter, who had arrived in Australia from Canada in 1853. The hotel was painted by William Tibbetts in 1866.[2]


The hotel was offered for sale by auction in April 1869:

BROWNSVALE, NEAR NEWTOWN SCARSDALE. WEDNESDAY, 28th APRIL, At Eleven o'clock am. To Hotelkeepers, Farmers, and Others. J. S. LYON has received instructions from Messrs Jardine and Quinn, who are leaving for Queensland, to SELL by AUCTION, on the above date, without reserve THEIR COMMODIOUS HOTEL. Containing eight rooms, bar, 6-stall stable, and all other outbuildings; together with the right to occupy 35 acres of land, securely-fenced. Also, the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, STOCK-IN-TRADE, &c. Also, 3 light HORSES COWS in full milk DRAY and HARNESS, SPRING CART and HARNESS SADDLES and BRIDLES, FARMING IMPLEMENTS Pigs, Poultry, and a lot of Sundries. Luncheon provided. Remember-No Reserve. J. S. LYON, Auctioneer, Smythesdale and Scarsdale.[3]

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