Bull and Mouth Hotel (Clunes)

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Bull and Mouth Hotel
Clunes Museum Collection
Town Clunes
Street Fraser Street
Known dates 1858-1883

The Bull and Mouth Hotel was a hotel in Clunes, Victoria, <1858-1883>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The Bull and Mouth Hotel was in Fraser Street, Clunes.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

The hotel had an adjacent theatre, the Lyceum. The theatre was built next to the hotel in October 1858:

Clunes is decidedly getting fast. A theatre is in course of erection by the side of the Bull and Mouth, the spirited proprietor of that hotel being the adventurous speculator. I have no doubt it will pay him, as a large hall will be useful for many public purposes as well as theatricals.[2]

The Bull and Mouth Hotel was offered for sale in May 1860:

FOR SALE The Bull and Mouth Hotel, Clunes, And Household Furniture and Stock-in-Trade; Together with The Lyceum Theatre, adjoining. JAMES BRAWN has received instructions to Sell, by Private Treaty, this first class property, being one of the oldest and best Hotels on Clunes, and which, since its erection, has secured one of the best businesses in that thriving locality. The Buildings possess a frontage of 65 feet to the main street. The Hotel, which, is 40 feet by a depth of 30 feet, including, on the ground floor, a spacious bar, 25 feet by 15 feet; dining room 30 feet by 15 feet, and two sitting rooms. Beneath the bar is an excellent brick cellar, and upstairs there are nine bedrooms. The Modern Furniture and Effects are in good condition, and will be sold with the Hotel. At the rear of the hotel is a good roomy kitchen. In the yard there is an excellent seven-stall stable, together with the necessary outbuildings appertaining to a first-class hotel. The Lyceum Theatre, adjoining the hotel, is 60 feet by 25 feet, and is fitted with every convenience for public performances, including a first-rate grand Pianoforte, which cost 70 guineas. The theatre will comfortably hold 400 persons The stock-in-trade to be taken at a valuation. James Brawn in drawing attention to this valuable property, begs to state that this is an investment rarely to be met with, as the property would not have been in the market under any other circumstances than the proprietors intention to leave the colony at the earliest convenient period. The price is tempting and the terms are liberal, which may be known on application to Mr Luckcraft, the proprietor, on the premises; or to JAMES BRAWN, Auctioneer, Creswick.[3]

The hotel was not sold, and in June 1861 John Luckcraft leased it to Ralph Coundon from the Clunes Hotel. This created a couple of difficulties in transferring the licenses:

John Luckraft, Bull and Mouth Hotel Application withdrawn. Mr Luckraft said he had let the house to Mr R. Coundon, of the Clunes Hotel. Mr Coundon wished for a license for the house, and was desired to post a fresh notice, the Chairman remarking that no doubt the police would permit him to conduct the house meantime if they had no objection. The Sergeant said the police had no objection to Mr Coundon.[4]

Sinclair described it in 1879 as:

"...altered a good deal, having now a fine large verandah in front of it. This was formerly the starting place for Cobb & Co.'s Coaches and was a place of no little importance in those days (1863)."[1]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

  • May 1871 - Land Commission meeting.[5]

The People[edit | edit source]

The hotel was first kept by Mr. Luckcraft and then by Mr. Coundon.[1] Sinclair wrote that Luckcraft went on to the Criterion Hotel, but the licensing court reports show he was at the Commercial Hotel from 1863.

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