Bull and Mouth Hotel (Creswick)

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Bull and Mouth Hotel
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Town Creswick
Closed 1916
Known dates 1886-1916

The Bull and Mouth Hotel was a hotel in Creswick, Victoria, <1886-1916.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was close to the Government Battery, and near the junction with the Melbourne Road.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

The hotel's license was reviewed by the Creswick Licensing Court in January, 1916.[2] The hotel was one of six in the Creswick district closed by the License Reduction Board in 1916.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

In April 1889 an arsonist made an unsuccessful attempt to burn the hotel down:

An attempt was made shortly after 11 o’clock last night to burn down a wash kitchen at the rear of Riordan’s Bull and Mouth hotel, Albert street Fortunately, however, the fire was quickly discovered by Mr Riordan, and the damage was confined to the burning of a quantity of clothes, which had been washed and were left in the building. Had the fire got a hold of the timber, the hotel and Mr Tait’s store adjoining would have been seriously endangered. A deal of uneasiness prevails amongst the business people of the town, a room beneath Mr R. P. Coombes’ boot store in Albert street having been set fire to on Thursday evening during Mr Coombes’ temporary absence from the shop. Sergeant Grady and his staff of men are doing their best in the matter.[4]

The hotel faced closure during 1916 when the Creswick Licensing Court had to close several of the towns's hotels. The following report from the Creswick Advertiser describes the hotel and its business in detail:

The Bull and Month hotel, Creswick, was next taken. Mr J. B. Pearson appearing for the owner and licensee, Mr Geo. Tait and Mrs F. M. Kennelly respectively. Senior Constable Stevenson deposed that the hotel was in poor condition inside and out, and was poorly furnished. The hotel could be done without, with no inconvenience to the public. To the board: The other hotels were sufficient for all local requirements. To Mr Pearson: The Government battery was at the rear of the hotel. Mounted Constable Collins endorsed the view that the hotel could be done without. To Mr Pearson: The residents of the locality would not be inconvenienced, The dredge is nearly three miles from the post office. Mr Pearson submitted that the hotel should stand, as it was near the junction of the Melbourne road and the southern end of the town is as fairly populated as any except the central position.

John J. Coughlan, foreman of the Government battery, deposed that people having crushing put through used the hotel, which was a great convenience to mining people. When the dredging boom was on, the hotel accommodated more miners than any other hotel. Robert Stephens, foreman for a mining party at Sailor's Falls, deposed to staying at the hotel on several occasions, its nearness to the battery being an advantage. There was plenty of accommodation, and good meals and beds were supplied. Thomas G. Jackson spoke in favor of the retention of the hotel. John B. Mador said no hotels should be shut up in the main street. The Bull and Mouth was well conducted and a convenience to residents. Charles E. Hartup], Springmount, spoke on behalf of himself and three other carters. The hotel was a great convenience to them, and the trough was the only one where they could water a team of horses without trouble. The licensee gave details of her takings, accommodation, etc., and the class of trade catered for. The board's decision was reserved.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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