Bush Inn (Mount Clear)

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Bush Inn
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Town Mount Clear
Known dates 1856-1883
Other names View Hotel
Demolished Destroyed in a fire 9 August 1889

The Bush Inn was a hotel at Mount Clear, Victoria, <1856-1889>

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was described as being at Terrible Gully, Mount Clear.[1] In 1859 it is described as Plank Road.[2] In 1889 when the building was destroyed by fire, it was described as being on the Buninyong road, four miles from Ballarat.[3] This is in the vicinity of the Emmaus Catholic Primary School (2017). Terrible Gully is also given as the site for the Ballarat South Sewerage Treatment works.[4]

Background[edit | edit source]

In June 1858 the Licensing Court granted Dean a license for a Halfway House Hotel on the Buninyong Road.[5] There was a later Halfway House in Mount Clear (c.1864) which exists at the same time as the Bush Inn.

History[edit | edit source]

In June and July 1861 the property was offered for sale:

FOR SALE.-THE BUSH INN Public House, situated halfway from Ballarat to Buninyong. The house commands a good trade, is the principal house of call for the Geelong coaches, Buninyong cars, and general traffic, and is parted with by the proprietor solely on account of his entering into agricultural pursuits. The stock to be taken at a valuation, the furniture at the option of the purchaser.[6]

THURSDAY, 25th JULY. The Half-way House to Buninyong. IMPORTANT SALE. J. S. CARVER has been favored with instructions from Mr Samuel Dean, who is retiring from business and going to his farm, to sell by auction, on the premises, on Thursday, 25th July, at twelve o'clock, The whole of that valuable property known THE BUSH INN, And now doing the best business of any house between Ballarat and Geelong. The Hotel contains Bar, two Parlors, 6 Bedrooms, Kitchen, 12-horse Stable, Coach house, Hay-house, and every convenience for continuing this most prosperous Hotel. After which, The whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Consisting of Piano, by Kirkman ; Rosewood whist table; loo, dining, and other tables ; couch, chiffonier, carpets, oil and floor cloths, fenders, pictures, chairs, bedsteads, bedding, chamber services, kitchen utensils, crockery, cutlery, beer engines, &c., &e. WINES, SPIRITS, ALE, &c., &c, all of the best quality. The Auctioneer, in drawing the attention of publicans to this rare opportunity, begs simply to state that the whole will be sold without reserve, and that the purchaser will have an opportunity of clearing a competency in a short time.[7]

The hotel was destroyed by fire on 9 August 1889:

The Bush Inn, on the Buninyong road, was totally destroyed by fire early this morning. The place was insured for £200, but in what company is not known. Owing to the distance from Ballarat the fire brigades did not go out.[8]

There is another report of a fire in April 1890 (Perhaps this refers to the Bush Inn in Main Road?):

BALLARAT. (FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT.) TUESDAY EVENING. A wooden house on the Buninyong-road, formerly known as the Telegraph Hotel, but which has latterly been unoccupied, was totally destroyed by fire last night. The hotel was one of the few remaining landmarks of the very early coaching and gold digging days.[9]

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