Canton Hotel

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Canton Hotel
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Town Haddon
Closed December 1878
Known dates 1877-1878

The Canton Hotel was a hotel in Haddon, <1877-1878.


The hotel was in Haddon.[1]



In December 1878, the license renewal for the hotel was refused by the Licensing Court:

Gee Ah See, Canton hotel, Haddon Mr Finlayson for the applicant. Constable Daly and Senior-constable Crampton objected to the renewal on the ground that the house was badly conducted, was the resort of prostitutes, and not properly furnished, also that this applicant was a man of bad fame and character. Several witnesses were called, who deposed that the house was frequented by bad characters. The applicant called several witnesses who said the house was well conducted, but the bench refused to grant the renewal[1]

Community Involvement[edit]

The People[edit]

  • In December 1877 Gee Ah See was granted the license for the hotel.[2]
  • In December 1878, the publican Gee Ah See had his license renewal refused.[1]

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