Cape of Good Hope Gold Mining Company

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Cape of Good Hope Gold Mining Company
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Town Cape Clear
Street Cape Clear-Rokewood Road.
Known dates 1865
Google maps -37.796760, 143.625010

The Cape of Good Hope Gold Mining Company operated a mine near Cape Clear, Victoria, <1865>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The company's mine was in Cape Clear.[1] The Victorian Heritage Database identifies the site as 37°47'48.3"S 143°37'30.0"E.[2]

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Background[edit | edit source]

The mine's progress was reported in June 1865:

The Cape of Good Hope Company is cutting the shaft to a larger size, and is down 60 feet with the work, expecting to reach the former prospecting drive by about the end of the week. This drive was in black clay when the mine was swamped, after putting a bore into washdirt at about 74 feet South West from the shaft. The size of the shaft will be 8½ feet by 3½, the enlarging being done by contract. A lift of pumps will be put in next week. The company has a good engine of 17¼ inch cylinder. The question as to whether this will prove to be a continuation of Derwent Jack's lead is still an open one; the Cape men declaring that it is, whilst the manager of the Alchemist is in favor of a junction with the main lead in the Exchequer claim.[1]

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