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Challenger's Hotel
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Town Ballarat
Street Plank Road

Challenger's Hotel or sometimes the Challenger Hotel, was in Ballarat, Victoria, <1862-1869>

Site[edit | edit source]

Challenger's Hotel was in Plank Road, Ballarat.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In 1869 the hotel was advertising for a young lad of about 15 to assist the business.[2]

In June 1864, John Wonstall Challenger advertised his intention to renew his license:

TO the Bench of Magistrates at Ballarat East.-I, JOHN WONSTALL CHALLENGER, Publican, now residing in Plank road, Ballarat East, do hereby give notice, that it is my intention to apply to the justices sitting at the Court of Petty Sessions to bc held at Ballarat East on the 1st of July, for a Certificate authorising the issue of a Publican's License for a house known as Challenger's Hotel, containing two sitting rooms and two bedrooms, exclusive of those used by the family. Dated at Ballarat, 16th. June, 1864. JOHN WONSTALL CHALLENGER.[3]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

In October 1864 the hotel was used for a political meeting by Mr. Semple:

In the evening the same candidate addressed a meeting in Challenger's Hotel, Plank road, Mr Barrett in the chair. After the usual political lecture Mr Semple submitted himself for examination, and in reply to questions said that he believed a thoroughly good land law was what was needed to make the country prosperous. Cheap food and clothes were the great desiderata, and then even with moderate wages the working man would be tolerably well off, while with high wages (which the candidate hoped to see) he would be opulent. If elected, he (Mr Semple) would take his seat with the present Ministry, but he must be at liberty to oppose them when the public interest required. He admired Mr O'Shanassy's talents, and would certainly support any good measure that he might introduce, but as to being under his influence politically that was all bosh. There was no man in the colony to whom he would give up his judgment. He had heard of the Victorian Association, but had never had anything to do with it. In no election contest had he ever accepted pecuniary aid to the amount of sixpence. If any one desired any further information as to his (Mr Semple's) political or private antecedents, he was prepared to furnish it in the fullest possible manner. After a great many questions had been answered, Mr Surriage moved, and Mr Imray seconded, the usual vote of confidence, which was carried unanimously.[4]

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References[edit | edit source]

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