Charles Hall

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Charles Hall
Born 1830
Died c. 1909
Occupation Publican
Years active 1861-1909
Known for Greyhound Hotel
Home town Snake Valley

Charles Hall was a publican in the Carngham district, 1861-1909.

History[edit | edit source]

In June 1861, Charles Hall was granted a license for the Grey Horse Hotel at Snake Valley, is this a reporting error and should be Greyhound?[1] In June 1862 the hotel was known as the Greyhound Inn.[2]

His license was renewed in June 1862, December 1864, 1872, 1873, 1874, 1883, 1995, 1888, and 1902.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]

He was also running a farm at Snake Valley as reported in December 1869:

Mr Charles Hall, of Snake Valley, a few days ago, asked me to inspect a small paddock of oats belonging to him. It is third crop, is nearly as high as a man's head, and is clean and well laden. Struck with the quality of the crop, I enquired the details, when he informed me that the first crop was wheat on potato ground; that the crop was nearly destroyed by take-all, and that the second crop was oats, which were also nearly ruined by take-all. Last year, however, he applied 3 cwt of salt to the acre, and the result is as described. And not only so, but on one strip of ground met with on entering the gate, the crop is a shade better than the rest, and Mr Hall states that at the rate of between 4 and 5 cwt of salt per acre was put on that spot. Where the salt was put in a layer, close to the fence, it has completely destroyed the sorrel. Mr Hall got his salt from a lake near Cressy, and has yet about two bushels of it remaining. It may be added that a person in the Haddon district gives corroborative evidence as to the value of salt for manure. This person, who had a quantity of inferior salt on hand, caused one of the children to scatter it on a piece of ground under crop, and the excellent result was clearly manifest. Some persons to whom Mr Hall has communicated the circumstance respecting his crop, intend to put in 3 cwt of salt to the acre this year.[11]

His 76th birthday was celebrated at Snake Valley:

Birthday Celebrations at Snake Valley. A convivial party assembled at the Greyhound hotel on Wednesday evening of last week to celebrate the 76th anniversary of the birthday of Mr Charles Hall, one of the veterans of Snake Valley. Mr Hall has lived at the Valley for 50 years, and has taken a prominent part in every movement having for its object, the advancement of the town and district generally. Visitors from Scarsdale, Smythesdale, and adjoining townships sat down to a mackerel supper, during which the older members of the party indulged in reminiscences of the past, glories of the town and district, and made, the younger men deplore that their entry into this mundane sphere had been, as it were, unduly delayed. The toast of the guest, of the evening was eulogistically proposed by Mr P. J. O'Sullivan, and the sentiment was enthusiastically received and honored. Cr H. C. Japp responded for the veteran, and expressed, the hope that the meeting of that evening would become an annual one for many years to come. Mr W. Baker proposed the toast of the old colonists, and made flattering references to the work done by Mr Hall in the early days of Snake Valley. Mr J. Brown, a playmate of Mr. Hall's, aged 86 years was present to do honor to his friend. His health was proposed by Mr Frank Young, and was received with three time three and a "tiger". Mr Brown made a suitable resonse. Songs and recitations were rendered during the evening, and the wish was generally expressed that Mr Hall would be spared to be present as guest at many similar gatherings.[12]

He died in 1909:

An application made by the trustees in the estate of the late Charles Hall, for the appointment of Walter Hall as the manager of the Greyhound hotel Snake Valley, granted.[13]

In November 1909 his estate sold 290 merino wethers and ewes.[14]

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