Charles William Stanbrook

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Charles William Stanbrook
Born c.1847
Millbrook, Southhampton. England
Died April 1916
Rokewood, Victoria
Nationality English
Occupation Publican
Known for Freemasons' Hotel
Rokewood Hotel
Home town Scarsdale
Spouse(s) Fanny Batchelder
Children Fanny Rosina (1877)
Lillian May Morze (1878)
Louisa Clariss (1881)
Alice Ivy May (1882)
Sarah Charity Maria (1884)
Frederica Emma Daisy (1886)
Elizabeth Holly Auburn (1888)
Ruby Violet Florence (1889)
Edith Irene Margurite (1893)

Charles William Stanbrook was a publican in Rokewood, Victoria, 1883-1916.

History[edit | edit source]

Stanbrook was born in England in about 1847, the son of William Stanbrook and Mary Ann Mew.[1]

He married Fanny Batchelder, and they had several children including:

  • Fanny Rosina, born 1877, Fitzroy.[2]
  • Lillian May Morze, born 1878, Rokewood.[3]
  • Louisa Clarissa, born 1881, Rokewood.[4]
  • Alice Ivy May, born 1882, Rokewood.[5]
  • Sarah Charity Marie, born 1884, Scarsdale.[6]
  • Frederica Emma Daisy, born 1886, Scarsdale.[7]
  • Elizabeth Holly Auburn, born 1888, Victoria.[8]
  • Ruby Violet Florence, born 1889, Hawthorn.[9]
  • Edith Irene Marguerite, born 1893, Hawthorn.[10]

Stanbrook was granted a new license for the Freemasons' Hotel in Scarsdale, in December 1883.[11]

He took over the license of the Rokewood Hotel which had been in the family for many years.

He died in April 1916, and his obituary was published in the Berringa Herald:

DEATH OF MR C. W. STANBROOK. The high esteem in which the late Mr C. W. Stanbrook, of "Millbrook," was held in all parts of the district was fully borne out by the extraordinarily large gathering at the funeral, which took place on Saturday afternoon. Deceased was a native of Millbrook, near Bittern, Southampton, England, and when quite a lad arrived in this state with his parents in the sailing ship Hotspur. With his parents he came to Break o'day diggings at a time when the gold fever was in full swing, and as a young man took a lively interest in all efforts calculated to advance the district, in which he has lived nearly all his life, with the exception of a few years when he accepted a position as valuer, etc. to the municipality of Hawthorn. When he returned to Rokewood he took over the Rokewood hotel, and by his genial disposition and manly characteristics soon made the house the most popular in the district, and was recognised by travellers more as a home than a hotel. He was one of the early councillors of the Shire of Leigh, and prior to accepting the position of valuer and collector, which he held to his death, did much to foster the making of good main roads and for which the shire is renowned. An ardent advocate of Oddfellowship he was one of the foundation members of the Corindhap lodge, with which he has been connected for 50 years, and for many years past has carried out the secretarial duties, and was invariably deputed to represent the lodge at Grand Lodge sessions. He was also a pillar of the Rokewood Church of England, and in Highland gatherings and other public efforts was a well known figure, and Rokewood is the poorer by his demise. He leaves a widow and seven daughters, five of whom are married. The services at the house and grave were conducted by Rev. W. E. Pugh, assisted by Rev. W. Reed (All Saints', Ballarat) and Mr F. Oliver. The coffin-bearers were Messrs Chas. James, W. L. Alcorn (sons-in-law), D. Jolly, and T. Wallace. The pallbearers and representatives were Crs Jas. Boyle, A. P. Bingley, D. Gibson, C. Wilson, and P. Callaghan, Rev. M. M'Queen, A. Camm, H. Vernon (Mount Mercer), T. Simpson, A. Goodall, G. Scott, W. Leviston, E. J. Routson, T. Scott, P. Jolly, D. Ross, W. Hall, W. Laidler, R. Carr jun. P. Robinson, T. O'Laughlin, D. Cameron, A. Cameron, W.Thornton, E. Jacka, and W. Butler. The I.O.O.F. Aurora Lodge was represented by H. Taylor, N.G.; W. K. Roberts P.G. Bros H. Cookson, A. Quarrel, T. Kennedy, V. Trigg, H. Tanner, and Eldridge. Br H. B. Elsey, deputy grand master Victoria Lodge, I.O.O.F. read the Lodge service. The deceased was the oldest past grandmaster in Victoria. A large number of beautiful wreaths and floral tributes were sent by friends and sympathisers.[12]

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