Coe's Court Royal Hotel

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Coe's Court Royal Hotel
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Town Piggoreet
Closed September 1886
Known dates 1865-1886
Other names aka. Coe's Royal Hotel
Coe's Royal Forester Hotel

Coe's Court Royal Hotel was a hotel at Piggoreet, Victoria, <1865-1886>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was at Piggoreet.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

In 1874 the hotel had 20 rooms, as well as a bar and lodge meeting room.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

In late 1869 and early 1870 the hotel was referred to as Coe's Royal Forester Hotel.

In December 1869 the Boxing Day procession started at the hotel after being joined by the Foresters who had marched with insignia from Happy Valley:

"...The procession started from Coe's Royal Foresters' hotel, Piggoreet, at 10.30, marshalled by Messrs D. Murton and G. H. Smith, and headed by the Scarsdale Drum and Fife Band, to the lively strains of whose music the bodies in question marched through the township, and on to Springdallah bridge, (accompanied by a gaily-dressed throng of holiday seekers) over the hill, where the Linton and Happy Valley portion, headed by the Linton Drum and Fife Band, joined the procession...The procession then marched to the inspiriting strains of both bands through the valley on to the grounds, and a really beautiful spot was chosen for the purpose, containing plenty of shady trees. Each tree formed quite a picture, being grouped with happy children and blooming and buxom dames. The bands supplied a numerous throng of dancers with capital music..."[3]

The proceeds of the picnic were to be used to establish the Linton and Springdallah Relief Committee, which was to hold its first meeting at the hotel:

"...A preliminary meeting of elected committee will be held at Coe's Royal Foresters Hotel, Piggoreet, on Monday, 17th inst. 7 p.m., to initiate future proceedings..."[4]

The hotel was offered for auction in February 1874:

TUESDAY, 3rd FEBRUARY. COURT ROYAL HOTEL, PIGGOREET. G. WILLIAMSON has received instructions to SELL by AUCTION, on the premises, at Twelve o’clock, The well-known House, known as the COURT ROYAL HOTEL. The house is well built, and contains bar, lodge room, and 20 rooms; also stabling, with land, which is freehold. Household Furniture and Bedding; Billiard Table, in good order, and complete; also, a Billiard Bagatelle Table. Buggy and Harness. Dray and Harness, Draught Horse. Terms for House—Third Cash, and the balance in six and twelve months, on approved bills. Luncheon provided. - See Posters. G. WILLIAMSON, Auctioneer.[2]

In September 1886 the Scarsdale Licensing Court cancelled the license:

Lewis Campigli, of the Court Royal hotel, Piggoreet, was proceeded against for not complying with an order to repair and cleanse his licensed premises as required by the Act.—After evidence was given in support of the charge, the bench decided to cancel his license.[5]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

Lodges[edit | edit source]

  • The Prodigal's Return Lodge met at the hotel in 1865:

The anniversary of the Prodigal's Return Lodge, Piggoreet, was celebrated on the night of Friday, 10th November, by a supper and ball at Coe's Court Royal hotel, in that town. The room was taste fully decorated, and tho guests, numbering about forty couples, after having partaken of an excellent supper, enjoyed themselves pleasantly in the ball room till an early hour nest morning. The music, under the leadership of Mr Trevor, of Scarsdale, was excellent. Br N. Cr. Northey presided, and the vice-chair was occupied by Br Bath, P.G.[1]

Politics[edit | edit source]

  • In March 1874, Mr. M. M. Pope addressed electors at the hotel:

"...and at eight o’clock same evening he addressed at considerable length a large meeting, at Egan’s Court Royal hotel, Mr Gland Pender, J.P., in the chair. As at other places Mr Pope was listened to most attentively, and frequently heartily applauded in the course of his address[6]

Dinners[edit | edit source]

In July 1868 a complimentary dinner was held for W. Maughan, manager of the Try Again Gold Mining Company, Piggoreet.[7]

The People[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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