Colin McLellan

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Colin McLellan
Born c.1826
Died 19 July 1889
Occupation Miner
Years active 1876-1889
Known for Royal Mail Hotel
Home town Blackwood
Spouse(s) Ann Gwynneth
Children Colin Fletcher McLellan (1857)
John Gwinneth (1858)
Anna Maria (1863)
Emma Louise (1869)

Colin McLellan was a publican at Blackwood, Victoria, <1876-1889.

History[edit | edit source]

Colin McLellan was born c.1826.[1] He married Ann Gwynneth in Barony, Lanark, Scotland, on 9 June 1853.[2] They had several children including:

  • Colin Fletcher, born Blackwood, 1857[3]
  • John Gwinneth, born Blackwood (1858)[4]
  • Anna Maria, born Blackwood, 1863[5]
  • Emma Louise, born Blackwood, 1869[6]

McLellan was a witness to a bar room fight at the Royal Mail in July 1871:

Colin McLellan: On the 19th was at Cann's, on business. Was in the billiard room a few minutes; a scuffle took place in the bar, (Constable) M'Bride went to the bar and returned almost immediately, I saw Duncan and Miller come into the billiard room ; they tried to strike the shoemaker; McBride pushed Duncan, and he fell down. The Constable did not use more violence than was necessary. I saw M'Kinnon take hold of M'Bride by the throat; saw Miller offering to kick M'Bride.[7]

McLellan was granted the license for the Royal Mail Hotel, at Golden Point, Blackwood in December 1876 and 1877.[8][9]

He died in July 1889:

IT is with feelings of sad regret that I this week note the demise of two of our old Blackwood pioneers. Colin M'Lellan, host of the Royal Mail hotel, Golden Point, after an illness of eighteen months, died on the 19th inst. He was buried on Sunday last, and a great number of people, including many relatives and friends, followed the deceased's remains to the cemetery, where the Church of England clergyman read the burial service, and afterwards Mr. A. Byres, chaplain to the G.U.I.O. of Oddfellows Lodge here, read the burial service of the order, the deceased being a member of that order. Mr. M'Lellan was a man thoroughly respected, but he did not take much part in public matters. He, however, at one time held a prominent position here. He and the late Messrs. Hansen and Greenaway, and Mr. Campbell (still alive) were not inaptly styled the Kings of the Yankee Ranges--this distinction being obtained by their having a valuable water right which gave them the command of hundreds of acres of sluicing ground in the good old days of mining. Mr. M'Lellan was a man of short stature but for strength it is doubtful whether there ever was a stronger man his size on Blackwood, and as a sample of his powers I may record as an undoubted fact--that for a small wager he undertook to carry on his back a two hundred lb. bag of flour from Red Hill to his residence on Yankee range, a distance upwards of a mile over a rough bush track without stopping. This feat he accomplished, and considering that he had to rise a height of 300 feet from where he started with his load to where he delivered it, the performance seems almost incredible. Mr. M'Lellan was strictly temperate, and though somewhat hasty in temper was a most industrious hard-working honest man, greatly beloved by his family.[10]

His estate was valued at £357.[11]

In December 1889 the license for the hotel was granted to Colin McLellan, probably his son Colin Fletcher McLellan.[12]

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