Commercial Hotel (Corindhap)

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Commercial Hotel
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Town Corindhap
Known dates 1900-1972
Other names Break o'Day Hotel
aka Jolly's Hotel
Evidence Building still standing
Google maps 37.8801348,143.7376591

The Commercial Hotel was a hotel in Corindhap, Victoria, <1900-1972.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel is in Corindhap, at 45 Avenue of Honour.[1] Google Map location:37.8801348,143.7376591

Background[edit | edit source]

The hotel is on the site of the earlier Break o'Day Hotel. After the Commercial Hotel closed in 1972, it was reopened c.2010 and renamed the Break o'Day Hotel. This business closed in 2017, and the hotel building is now a private residence.

The Victorian Heritage Database gives the date of the current hotel building as 1869[2].

History[edit | edit source]

In October 1907 the publican applied to transfer the license to his brother:

TRANSFER LICENSING ACT. 1890. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TRANSFER OF LICENSE.—We, Ernest Edward John Camm, of Corindhap, the holder of a Victualler’s License for the house and premises known as Commercial Hotel, situate at Corindhap, in the Licensing District of Pitfield, transferrer, and Leslie Bertram Camm, of Corindhap proposed transferee, do hereby give notice that it is our intention to apply to the Licensing Court for the said Licensing District, on the 23rd day of October, 1907, at Three o'clock in the afternoon, at Smythesdale, for a transfer the said license from the said E. E. J. Camm, to the said Leslie B. Camm. Given under our hands this 14th day of October, 1907. ERNEST E. J. CAMM, Transferrer LESLIE BERTRAM CAMM, Proposed Transferree. Witness —George Bunting, Auctioneer, Sworn Valuator and and Hotel Broker, Bridge street, Ballarat.[3]

E. E. Camm sold the hotel in 1912:

Owing to Mr E. E. J. Cannon having disposed of the Commercial hotel, Corindhap, to Mr K. Kelly, a clearing sale of land, horses, and farm implements was held by W. Darcy and Co., on Saturday last.[4]

In 1912 new gas lighting was installed at the hotel:

UP-TO-DATE HOTEL. Mr R. Tolly, who lately purchased the Commercial Hotel here, has installed an up-to-date Crescent air-gas plant, which was supplied by Middleton and Morris, of Ballarat, and erected by Mr Roff , one of the firm’s workmen, who is to be complimented on the.workmanlike manner in which he carried out the job. The light installed is considered to be an improvement on any other style of gas, the light being very clear. At present six lights are installed. The billiard room is exceptionally well lighted and players are loud in their praise of the beautiful steady light.[5]

In April 1914 the hotel was used a hospital following a buggy accident:

THROWN FROM BUGGY. General regret was expressed when it became known that Mr Archie Lawson, of Werneth, had met with a serious accident. He and his son Harold had been up to his Mt. Mercer property, and on the road home through the long gully the brake gave way on a very steep hill, and the horse got out of control. Mr Lawson was thrown out and had his collar-bone and two ribs broken. He was taken to Jolly's hotel, Corindhap, and is being attended by Drs Wood and Read. Harold escaped, but a valuable horse had his leg broken in two places had to be destroyed.[6]

In February 1917 the publican, Richard Jolly, wrote to the local council for permission to connect the hotel to the local water supply:

From R. Jolly, Corindhap, asking permission to have a water service from the piping supplying the water trough in front of the Commercial hotel. Cr Gibson pointed out that similar requests had been made by the Rokewood residents, but they were not entertained, as it was feared the reservoir there would be quickly be exhausted. Cr Boyle said there was a much better water supply at Corindhap, arid he was inclined to let the applicant have the service at a price. Cr Vernon — There should be no objection to people having water for domestic use, but not for irrigation purposes. The President suggested that the letter lie on the table for month, in the meantime the engineer to submit a report thereon.[7]

The hotel was offered for sale in January 2017 and was expected to reach a price of about $400,000.[8]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

Sporting[edit | edit source]

  • Break o'Day Turf Club, October 1900, meeting to plan the next races, chaired by E. E. Camm.[9]
  • Sparrow Club, October 1900, meeting of interested people, and the club formed.[9]
  • Cricket Club, May 1924, a social evening to celebrate the winning of the J. N. Elder Cup.[10]

The People[edit | edit source]

From at least October 1900 the publican was E. E. Camm.[9]

  • In October 1907 publican's license was transferred from the owner E. E. Camm, to his brother, L. Camm.[11] In June 1909 Leslie transferred the license back to his brother and moved to the Corindhap Hotel.[12]
  • In April 1912 the hotel was sold by E. E. Cannon to K. Kelly.[13] This is probably bad reporting, should be Ernest E. Camm and T. Tolly, or R. Jolly.[5][14][15]
  • In April 1912 the license was transferred from Ernest Camm to Richard Jolly.[15]
  • In June 1912 the publican is T. Tolly.[5] (Misspelling of Jolly or Jolley.
  • In May 1924 the hotel is known as Jolley's Commercial Hotel.[10]
  • In July 1938 the license was transferred from Richard Jolly to Adam Slater.[16]
  • In July 1940 the license was transferred from Ellen Josephine Fitzgerald to G. W. Lake.[17] Fitzgerald moved to the Frenchman's Inn at Cressy.

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References[edit | edit source]

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