Commercial Hotel (Linton)

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Commercial Hotel
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Town Linton
Known dates 1864-1888

The Commercial Hotel was a hotel in Linton, Victoria, <1864-1888>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Linton[1], opposite the Bank of New South Wales.[2]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Sale of the hotel, 1869

In September 1864, W. B. Burn advertised he had purchased the hotel.[2]

In May 1866 the publican's pigs were stolen, and recovered near the Banner of War Hotel at Smythesdale.[1]

In January 1868 the hotel was offered for sale.[3]

There was a fire at the hotel in February 1875, and a woman died in the dining room:

FATAL FIRE AT LINTON. This (Sunday) morning, at about three o’clock a.m. (writes our correspondent), a fire occurred at Mrs M'Goldrick’s Commercial hotel Linton. As far as at present can be ascertained, it appears to have originated at the Chinaman’s store, attached to the hotel. However, grave suspicions exist as to the cause of the fire, and no doubt the cause will be elicited at the coroner’s enquiry, which takes place to-morrow, at the Surface Hill hotel. Melancholy to relate an unfortunate woman of the name of Colman, was burnt to death. She was discovered close to the fireplace of the dining-room, burnt to a cinder, and although several essayed to drag her from the flames, their efforts were ineffectual. Mr Wise’s premises immediately adjoining were repeatedly on fire, but through the strenuous exertions of the neighbors, in pouring water and putting wet blankets, &c., on the walls, the spread of the fire was prevented. The heat was so intense that,it actually caused the glue in the windows of that side of the house to melt and run. Had any wind existed the whole township must have gone, as there is no water convenience to save it in case of fire. There has long been a want in this township of a reservoir, and some private individuals have endeavored to attain it but without effect. There exists a splendid site at the Glamorgan dam, which by the expenditure, of say £500 would be a source of water supply not only for domestic purposes but from its altitude would by means of pipes, &c., throw water on the highest building in the township. It is time that the Linton people took some step in the matter, or some morning they will wake up and find themselves houseless and penniless.[4]

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