Corn Exchange Hotel

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Corn Exchange Hotel
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Town Ballarat
Street Cnr. Webster and Doveton Streets
Closed 1908
Known dates 1864-1908

The Corn Exchange Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria <1864-1908.

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In his article on Ballarat hotels written in 1929, the Piccolo described the hotel has being on the corner of Webster Street and Doveton Street.[1] An advertisement for the hotel in 1869 said it was in Market Square, Ballarat.[2] A newspaper report in 1908, said the hotel was on the corner of Webster Street and Creswick Road.[3]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

A new publican advertised in March 1876:

WANTED the public to know that W. P. M'MILLAN has taken the CORN EXCHANGE HOTEL,-Market square, where he will be glad to see his old friends. Good accommodation for families. Splendid stabling, with loose boxes. Liquors all right.[4]

In December 1877 the police objected to the renewal of McMillan's license on the grounds that the hotel was dilapidated and badly furnished. The case was adjourned for two weeks.[5]

In January 1907 the publican was charged with out of hours trading. During the hearing there was a heated exchange between the Licensing Inspector and the defense barrister:

In the City Court on Friday, during the hearing of a licensing prosecution, Mr. M. Lazarus, who was defending Minnie Jackon, licensee of the Corn Exchange Hotel, on a charge of Sunday trading, accused Constable Walker of winking at Detective Rogerson while he was giving evidence. Walker denied the accusation and was help supported by Mr. H. M. Murphy P.M., who said that the witnesses face had been quite impassive. Inspector Balchin a moment later, objected to a question which was being asked of Walker, whereupon Mr. Lazarus made a remark to the effect that it was a pity that Mr. Balchin did not learn a little more about the business. Inspector Balchin exclaimed, "I won't learn much from you." Mr. Lazarus replied, "There's something you will learn, and that is to keep your place." Mr. Murphy, P.M., said that there was no need for heat to be imported into the matter, as Mr Balchin had a perfect right to object to a question if he thought it improper. The defendant was fined £2...Minnie Jackson of the Corn Exchange, denied that then had been traffic at her hotel on Sunday, January 13. Mr H. M. Murphy, P.M., imposed a penalty of £2 and commented strongly on the contradictory statements made, saying one side or the other must have committed perjury. G. Thomas, who was found on the premises, was ordered to pay a fine of 10/.[6]

In 1908 the License Reduction Board held a hearing into the hotel:

CORN EXCHANGE HOTEL, CRESWICK-ROAD.— Class D. Inspector Balchin said this hotel, which was situated at the intersection of Creswick-road and Webster-street, was an old wooden building, in poor repair. There were two convictions against the former licensee. The house, which was well conducted by Ada Hamlyn, the present licensee, was not required. Senior Constable Robinson and Constable Byrne corroborated this testimony. Messrs. Morrow, Rogers, Bailley, Griffin, M'Kay and G. Bunting gave evidence in support of the hotel. It was stated that Mr. Rowett paid £500 four years ago for the ingoing, and afterwards disposed of it to Mr. Jackson for £525. Only seventeen months subsequently Mr. Jackson sold the ingoing to Mrs. Hamlyn for the greatly reduced figure of £35. The board reserved its decision.[3]

In May 1908 the hotel was included on a list of 47 hotels to be delicensed by the License Reduction Board.[7]

In September 1908 there was a hearing into the value of the hotel to calculate the amount of compensation to be paid:

CORN EXCHANGE BALLARAT. Owners, David Jones, Griffith Griffith, and David E. Jones, executors in the estate of Evan Rowlands; licensee, Ada Hamlyn. Alexander Hunter, City valuer, said the municipal valuation since 1904 had been £90. In 1904 the, rent was £110 annually, while in 1908 it was £104. The building contained 15 rooms, and was constructed partly of canvas and paper and partly of laths and plaster, Used for some other purposes, 12s 6d would be a fair weekly rental. The land in the neighborhood was worth £9 a foot. William Henry Chandler, sworn valuer and architect, said the property had a frontage of 52 feet along Doveton street, 90 feet along Webster street. The condition of the building was fair. Besides containing 14 rooms, 4 stalls, 9 loose boxes, and sheds, belonged to the premises. The rental was £2 a week, and the capital value £960 to £1000. Ten years he thought a reasonable term of purchase. With a few alterations the building could be turned into a veterinary surgeons establishment, and could earn a rental of 10s a week. Delicensed, he would value the property at £550, of which £75 would be for land. William Albert Drew said, based on a yearly rental of £91, he would place a capital value of £1001 on the property, the terms of purchase being 15 years. Delicensed, he would value the property at £459, the land being worth £7 10s a foot. Walter Bailey, traveller, said the present licensee of the hotel took it over in February, 1908, at a rental of 35s a week, but on the understanding that in six months it would be raised to £2. Ada Hamlyn gave evidence as to her weekly takings The decision was reserved.[8]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

The People[edit | edit source]

JAMES CROTTY (late of the Sydney Hotel, Mair street, Ballarat), having in conjunction with Mr BOLGER, commenced business in the house so well known as the CORN EXCHANGE HOTEL, Market square, Ballarat West, trusts that his friends, who so liberally patronised him heretofore, will continue that patronage at the Corn Exchange, where the best of Drinks and Accommodation are procurable.[2]

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