Cosmopolitan Hotel (Allendale)

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Cosmopolitan Hotel
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Town Allendale
Known dates 1897-1922

The Cosmopolitan Hotel was a hotel at Allendale, Victoria, <1897-1922>.

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The hotel was in Allendale.

History[edit | edit source]

In September 1918, the newspapers reported the death of the publican's son:

KILLED IN ACTION. Mr W. Jordan, licensee of the Cosmopolitan hotel, received the sad news on Monday that his second eldest son, Sergeant John Jordan, had been killed in action at the front. The deceased soldier was a fine stamp of manhood, and was highly respected by all with whom he came in contact for his straight-forwardness and manliness. Before enlisting he was employed by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Melbourne, and sailed for the front on 18th November, 1915. Sergeant Jordan was attached to the 12th Battery, 4th Brigade, 2nd Australian Division. He was a native, of this town, was 26 years of age, and was a very prominent footballer, and a good fire brigade member. As soon. as the news of his death be came known, the flags at the fire station and other public buildings were flown at half-mast, and general sympathy was expressed with the relatives of the deceased soldier. Another older son (Charles) is in the firing line.[1]

The hotel was one of three hotels reviewed by the License Deprivation Board in the Clunes district in 1922.[2]

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