David B. Macaw

From Hotels of Ballarat
David Barkly Macaw
Born 1827
Coleraine, Ireland
Died 17 June 1885
Ballarat East
Nationality Irish
Occupation Publican
Years active 1859-1861
Known for Ulster Arms Hotel
Home town Ballarat
Spouse(s) Margaret Campbell
Cecilia Upfold
Children Eliza (1856)
James Campbell (1857)
Jemima (1859)
Charles (1860)
David Barkly (1862)
Alice (1864)
John Crosbie
  • Charles Macaw (father)
  • Eliza Gibson (mother)

David B. Macaw was a publican in Ballarat, <1859-1861>.

History[edit | edit source]

David Barkly Macaw was born in Ireland in 1827, the son of Charles Macaw and Eliza Gibson.[1] (The Australian Death Index records the birth as c.1832)[2]

He arrived in Ballarat in 1852.[3] He married Margaret Campbell in 1855, and they had several children[1], including:

  • Eliza (1856), born in Geelong
  • James Campbell (1857), born Ballarat East
  • Jemima (1859), born Ballarat East
  • Charles (1860)
  • David Barkly (1862), born Ballarat
  • Alice (1864)
  • John Crosbie (1868)

In 1859-1861 he held the license for the Ulster Arms Hotel in Ballarat East.

In June 1859 he failed to appear for his license hearing:

No appearance. Mr Winch stating that the Court was being held on the premises, the renewal of the licence having been applied for and not withdrawn.[4]

In June 1861, he again failed to appear at the licensing court to support his application.[5]

His wife Margaret died in 1879.[1] In 1881 he married Cecilia Upfold.[1]

Macaw was involved in mining companies:

In June 1880 he was advertising the products being made and sold by his hardware business:

MACAW AND SON, Manufacturer of the Safety Cage and Hook, MAIR STREET, BALLARAT. ON Sale, and made to order at the Shortest Possible Notice, Tanks, Trucks, Cages, Mining Buckets, Fans, Ploughs, Harrows, Scarifiers, Chaff-cutters, &c., &c. Macaw and Son's Safety Cage and Hook may be seen practically applied at the Factory, 22 Mair Street, Ballarat, during working hours. The safety appliances are always kept on hand to fit to old cages at the most reasonable rates.[10]

In January 1885 his hardware business in Mair Street was damaged by fire:

FIRE AT BALLARAT. BY ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT. BALLARAT, Sunday. A fire took place on Saturday morning at the implement works of Messrs, D. B. Macaw and Son, Mair-street, when the workshops were completely gutted. The shop and stock therein were uninjured. The fire communicated to the Evening Post premises, the folding room being burnt to the ground, and the doors, windows and ceiling of the composing room being charred. Fortunately the good work of the fire brigades prevented further damage being done, Messrs. Macaw and Son's building is insured in the National Company for £1500 and the stock for £750.[11]

Macaw died after an accident in Ballarat on 17 June 1885[2]; his obituary gave details of his life:

DEATH OF MR MACAW, J.P. Mr D. B. Macaw, J.P., we regret to announce, breathed his last shortly before 1 o'clock this morning. By his death Ballarat has lost one of its most esteemed residents, and his place in this community will, indeed, be difficult to fill. The deceased gentleman, it will be remembered met with an accident some six weeks ago through the vehicle in which he was riding coming into collision with another conveyance, and Mr Macaw fell to the ground on his head. The injuries he received were not at the time considered very serious, and hopes were entertained that he would recover. But the reverse proved the case, however, and the close attention and daily treatment he received from bis medical attendants proved unavailing.

Mr Macaw, who was 57 years of age, was said to have been born near Coleraine; a town situated on the banks of the River Bann in the north of Ireland. He arrived, in Ballarat in 1852, and was identified with the rise and, progress of this district. During his long residence here he had been engaged in mining'and commercial pursuits and he was for a long while associated with Mr Price’s cooperage in the Main road, which business is now carried on by Messrs. Williams and Phillips. Ten years ago he started business on his own account in Mair street, devoting a good deal of attention to the work of supplying mining plants carrying on of miscellaneous hardware trade. Mr Macaw was one of the original members of the Ballarat Fire Brigade and, among other bodies, he was for many years, and up to the time of his death, connected with the M.U.I.O.O.F. Ho was also a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity, and was an active member of the Orphan Asylum committee. He was an ex-president of the Orphan Asylum, and had latterly been holding the position of vice-president. The deceased gentleman possessed a kindly-disposition, and his courteous bearing and numerous charitable actions won for him the esteem of all classes-in the community. He was twice married, and he leaves an adult family, all of whom-are well provided for. Mrs Roberts, wife of Mr J. P. Roberts the well known and much respected legal manager is, a daughter of Mr Macaw. Up to the time of meeting with the unfortunate accident which caused his death, the deceased enjoyed the best of health and spirits,and he looked much younger than a man at his period of life generally appears. Residents of the district will regret the sad event which has deprived them of an upright citizen and respected pioneer. On Monday, news of the death of his mother in the North of Ireland, at the age of 85. was received by his family.[3]

MACAW. —On the 17th June, at his residence, Barkly street, Ballarat East, David Barkly Macaw, J.P., aged 53 years. An old and respected Ballarat citizen.[12]

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