David G. Main

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David G. Main
Occupation Publican
Years active 1858-1866
Known for Pacific Hotel
Home town Ballarat

David G. Main was a publican in Ballarat, Victoria, <1858-1866>.

History[edit | edit source]

Main is listed in the licensing court records as being the publican of the Pacific Hotel, which was on the corner of Eyre Street and Dana Street, Ballarat.[1] He was granted the publican's license in June 1858.[2]

In February 1866, the newspaper reported that Main had gone on a trip to the southern states of the USA to look at gold mining operations over there.[3] A later report said the ship on which Main was travelling, the S.S.London, had sunk in the Bay of Biscay. Main was one of only three of the 270 passengers and 16 crew members who survived.[4]

In the forepart of to-day, a gloom was cast over the town by a brief telegraphic message received, announcing the loss of the s.s. London. As the passenger list published in the Home News, and private advices by the last mail gave intelligence of the departure of a large number of Ballarat gentlemen, absent on a visit to Europe, to return to Australia by the London, the arrival of the vessel has been anxiously looked for ; but in her stead comes the news of her total wreck, and the loss of all her passengers but three, all of whom were former residents of Ballarat, viz, Mr D. C. Main, of the Pacific Hotel, and Messrs B. C. Wilson and J. Munro, who were connected with the share broking business. Doubt was expressed for a considerable time as to whether a number of other gentlemen formerly connected with Ballarat were or were not in the ill-fated vessel ; but these doubts were only solved on the publication of the list of saved. The calamity has been severely felt on Ballarat, a number of gentlemen having unfortunately been lost, whose ties and connections with this town render their untimely death in reality a loss.[5]

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