David Wilson

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David Wilson
Occupation Publican
Years active 1866-1890
Known for Mount Blowhard Hotel
Carriers' Arms
Town Hall Hotel
Home town Ballarat

David Wilson was a publican in Ballarat, <1866-1890>

History[edit | edit source]

A David Wilson who held the license for the Mount Blowhard Hotel, at Mount Blowhard, from June 1866 until not later than 1871.[1]

His sister died at the hotel in July 1866:

DEATHS: On the 12th July, at the Mount Blowhard Hotel, Isabella Wilson, sister of David Wilson, aged 24 years and 8 months.[2]

In September 1866 the news reported on Wilson's experiments with farming, using a seed drill:

"...To quote in stances in proof of the general superiority of drilled crops would be somewhat unnecessary, but as a very notable instance in point we may refer to some oats sown by Mr. Wilson, landlord of the Mount Blowhard hotel, in a piece of ground in his garden. The oats were sown in drills a foot apart, the ground having been previously supplied with a dressing of guano and salt, and it may now be fairly pronounced as one of the finest crops in the district..."[3]

In December 1873, a David Wilson was granted the license for the Carriers' Arms in Doveton Street.[4]

In September 1876, Wilson was granted the license for the Town Hall Hotel in Armstrong Street South, Ballarat.[5]

In May 1890, Wilson was arrested near Maryborough:

A well-known Ballarat publican, named Wilson, who is licensee of the Town Hall hotel, was arrested at Cuddy's Flat, near Maryborough, last night on a charge of lunacy.[6]

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