Daylesford Hotel

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Daylesford Hotel
Town Daylesford
Known dates 1864-2024
Other names Tognini's Commercial Hotel (1928-1943>)
Evidence Building still in use
Google maps -37.341266, 144.143485

The Daylesford Hotel was a hotel in Daylesford, Victoria, <1864-2024

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Daylesford.[1]

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Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

The hotel was threatened by a fire in January 1905, which destroyed five shops owned by the publican:

FIRE AT DAYLESFORD. Daylesford, Sunday.- A destructive fire occurred in Howe street at a quarter past 3 this morning the origin of which is unknown. Five wooden shops were destroyed, two vacant shops, one occupied by M. D. Lynch draper; one by F. J. Burkby, fruiterer and pastrycook; and one by a travelling photographer. The whole of the stock of the three shops occupied was destroyed. The five establishments were owned by Mr James Tognini of the Daylesford Hotel. Other shops and buildings in the street including the Daylesford Hotel narrowly escaped. The insurances were - M. D. Lynch, on the stock £500 in the Norwich Union; F. J. Burkby on the stock £100, in the Colonial Mutual; J. Tognini on the building £585, in the Manchester Office. The Daylesford Advocate office was also damaged by water and narrowly escaped. The plant is insured for £800 in the Guardian Office. A fireman, W. Connell fell off a ladder and received injuries though not serious. There were 3,000 spectators.[2]

In January 1914, members of the Beaufort Brass Band who were staying at the hotel were serenaded by the Hawthorn Brass Band:

Most fraternal feelings (says the Daylesford " Advocate") prevailed between the Hawthorn and Beaufort bandsmen during their stay in the town. There were constant interchanges of visits to Belvedere, House and Tognini's Daylesford Hotel, their respective stay ing places. This feeling of brotherhood so strongly affected some of the Hawthorn men that they hied them forth shortly after midnight of Sunday, and marched to the front of the Daylesford Hotel, where they serenaded the Beaufort boys who, arrayed in garments of the night, breasted the front rail of the hotel balcony, and cheered heartily. Yesterday morning (Monday) the Hawthornites. went to the railway station to see the Beaufortites off.[3]

In 1921 the hotel was described as being a two-storey building made of brick, with a bar, two parlours, dining room, billiard room, shaving saloon, with a detached weatherboard kitchen, laundry and stables. Upstairs the hotel had 14 bedrooms.[4]

As Tognini's Commercial Hotel[edit | edit source]

In March 1928 the hotel was renamed as the Commercial Hotel

The name of the Daylesford Hotel, owned and conducted by Mr. J. Tognini, has been changed to the Commercial Hotel.[5]

In September 1930 the hotel was damaged in a storm in September 1930:

PROPERTY DAMAGED - AT DAYLESFORD. DAYLESFORD- Wednesday.— The wind storm on Tuesday damaged the balcony of Tognini's Commercial Hotel. The roofing of a barn owned by Mr. Hickey, of Glenlyon, was torn off, fences were blown down, and many flower gardens suffered from the force of the gale.[6]

A week later tenders were called to replace the balcony:

TENDERS are called and will be tree received by the undersigned up to Sept. 23 1930, for the erection of the Balcony of the Commercial Hotel, Daylesford. Plans and specifications can be inspected at the above hotel, or Charles Tognini, 3 May St Gardenvale.[7]

In September 1932 the hotel was one of four hotels in the district to be threatened with having their licenses removed for not being sewered:

Sanitation of hotels at tourist resorts is regarded by the Licensing Court as of the greatest importance. Mr V. Tanner, a member of the Court made this clear at a sitting of the Court yesterday, during a discussion of notices which were sent to the owners of the Commercial Hotel, Raglan, and Victoria Hotels, at Daylesford, and the Hepburn Hotel, at Hepburn, calling upon them to show cause why their licences should not be revoked for having failed to install sewerage systems. The Court was informed that the owners of the Commercial and Victoria hotels were prepared to install septic tanks before Christmas, and the cases were adjourned. The Court granted the owner of the Raglan Hotel an adjournment of six months to enable him to raise the necessary money for the installation. The notice against the Hepburn hotel was adjourned until November.[8]

The hotel was offered for sale by tender in October 1946:

TENDERS. TENDERS. TENDERS. FREEHOLD Of COMMERCIAL HOTEL, DAYLESFORD, C.T.A. HOUSE. Together With Eleven Adjoining Shop Properties. Existing lease of Hotel expires 31st December next. Under instructions from the Executor, Mr. Charles Tognini of the Estate of James Tognini, deceased. This magnificent property has been owned by the same family for the past 80 years, and represents one of the most attractive freehold Hotel Investments for many years. BUILDING. - The building is a solid 2-storey brick- structure, and was rebuilt In 1913, containing 14 bedrooms, sittingroom, 2 parlours, large and attractive lounge, kitchen, pantries, ample bathroom and lavatory accommodation, staff quarters, laundry, 4 galvanised iron garages, and woodshed, &c,: electric light, sewerage, and hot-water service installed. SHOPS.-The eleven adjoining shop properties are all let to permanent tenants, and make the Investment a most desirable one. LAND.-The land has a generous area, comprising 128ft. 6in. to Albert street, with a frontage of 78ft. to Burke Square, and a frontage of 219ft. 6in. along Howe. street. Particulars of land, licensing fees, and other Information are available at the Offices of Percy Henry & Galbraith, 352 Collins street. Melbourne, or their conjunctive Agents, K. E. Leggo & Co., Real Estate Agents, Burke Square, Daylesford. All Information is also available with the solicitors for the estate, MR. ROYSTON T. CAHIR, 108 QUEEN ST., MELB. The sale will be made subject to the consent of the Federal Treasurer and to the National Security Regulations. TENDERS CLOSE at 4 p.m. on FRIDAY, 25th OCTOBER, 1946. The highest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. Terms of Sale-CASH. A bank cheque for £1000 shall be lodged with each tender. Tender forms available at the Offices of the Agents or the Solicitor for the Estate. Your IMMEDIATE inspection of the above property is recommended. PERCY HENRY & GALBRAITH, Hotel Brokers, Auctioneers, and Valuers, 352 COLLINS STREET. MELBOURNE. MU9347. E. E. LEGGO & CO., Estate Agents and Stock and Share Brokers. BURKE SQUARE. DAYLESFORD. Phone Dayles. 127. Agents in Conjunction.[9]

The hotel was advertising accommodation in September 1947:

DAYLESFORD. Commercial Hotel, C.T.A. - Vacancies now and after Christmas. J. J. Tognini, Proprietor.[10]

John James Tognini applied to take over his mother's license in October 1947:

APPLICATION for TRANSFER of LICENCE -We, Edwin Ernest Leggo and Herbert Ian McIntosh Head, both of Daylesford, registered estate agents, executors to whom probate of the will of Gertrude Tognini, late of Daylesford, Licensed Victualler, deceased, was granted by the Supreme Court of Victoria, the holder of a Victualler's licence for the Commercial Hotel at Daylesford, in the Allendale Licensing District, and I, John James Tognini of the Commercial Hotel, Daylesford, herebv give notice that we will APPLY to the Licensing Court at Melbourne on the thirteenth day of October one thousand nine hundred and forty-seven for the TRANSFER of the LICENCE to the said John Tames Tognini. Dated the first day of October one thousand nine hundred and forty-seven. E. E. LEGGO, H. I. M. HEAD, Transferors JOHN JAMES TOGNINI, Transferee. P. T. Walsh, Vincent street, Daylesford, solicitor for the transferors and the transferee.[11]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

Mining[edit | edit source]

Sporting[edit | edit source]

  • Daylesford Football Club, November 1914, annual smoke night.[13]

The People[edit | edit source]

OBITUARY. General regret was felt on Tuesday when it became known that Mr Jas. Tognini had died. The deceased had not enjoyed good health for some time, but had only been confined to bed for a comparatively short period. He was 65 years of age, and his late father kept in the very early days the Louis Hotel at Eganstown, then better known as Blanket Flat, an old land mark that still stands, but delicensed. In later years the deceased followed the occupation of a miner, and subsequently entered into business as a hotelkeeper in Daylesford. He carried on Tognini's Hotel for many years, subsequently transferring (the business to his son John, and later rebuilding and erecting the fine property known as the Daylesford Hotel. The deceased also conducted successfully other businesses in the town prior to purchasing a hotel at Footscray, which he carried on until about 18 months ago. On transferring this to his son Charles he retired into private life. The deceased had one son killed in the Great War, and Charles was also on active service. He owned considerable property in Daylesford, and was always generous to charitable, patriotic and other deserving objects. He leaves a widow and grown-up family to mourn their loss. The funeral took place on Thursday, and was a very lengthy cortege, showing the respect in which the deceased was held. The funeral service at the Daylesford Cemetery was conducted by the Rev. Father Murray.[1]

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