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Douch and Dorous Hotel
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Town near Gordon
Known dates 1875-1880

The Deoch and Dorius Hotel was a hotel near Gordon, Victoria, <1875-1880>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was on the Buninyong-Egerton Road, in the Gordon Licensing District.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

The hotel name, often misspelled, is Scottish Gaelic "Deoch an Dorus" or "deoch an dorais" meaning a stirrup cup, parting drink, or a "drink for the door".[2]

History[edit | edit source]

In December 1878 there was an unusual disturbance near the hotel:

At the latter end of list week our little township was in a state of commotion and excitement. People were seen running from all quarters in the direction of Davidson's Deoch and Doris hotel. Some among the number of a nervous tone of disposition were led to believe that probably Kelly and his mates were in quest of plunder, and intended visiting our banks during the absence of Mr Gibson, the energetic and trustworthy guardian of the peace, who is away on special duty. On making enquiries concerning this unusual stir, I learnt that a kangaroo had taken it into his head to visit probably the haunts of his forefathers. On the denizen of the forest reaching the foot of the old mount, an Ancient Briton was the first to welcome the intruder, in the Cymric language, which seemed to inspire him with courage or rather add fresh vigor to his muscular frame, for he rushed past a sturdy Hibernian, whose terrific shouts frightened the quadruped to such an extent that, with one bound, he cleared a tell fence, landing himself in a Chinaman's garden, exerting the ire of the Mongolian, who in return for his intension dealt him two or three blows with his long handled piece of husbandry. The animal finding it rather warm quarters, jumped out of the garden into a quantity of mud, and one of the bystanders then captured the unusual visitor.[3]

On Boxing Day 1880 there were a few activities near the hotel:

With the exception of shooting for geese, tea services, and other prizes, and a few imptomptu running and walking matches, over which there was much fun, in the neighbourhood of Deoch un Doruis hotel, there were no public amusements upon Boxing Day here.[4]

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References[edit | edit source]

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