Durham Ox Hotel

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Durham Ox Hotel
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Town Allendale
Closed 31 December 1914
Known dates 1876-1914

The Durham Ox Hotel was a hotel in Allendale, Victoria, <1876-1914.

Background[edit | edit source]

The hotel was sold in December 1914, and closed on New Year's Eve:

Messrs John T. Sloan and Co. will conduct an extensive clearance sale at Allendale on Wednesday, December 30, when the freehold property known as the Durham Ox hotel, with its contents, will be realised upon, under the definite instructions from Mr R. Mills, of Hawthorn. The license having been surrendered and accepted by the Licenses Reduction Board, the business will cease at the end of the year. The buildings, which are of sound construction and in good condition, will be submitted in one or separate lots to suit the convenience of purchasers, for removal or otherwise. The catalogue of household furniture is lengthy, and the various lots are of superior quality and modern design. The vendor has advised that complete clearance has to be made, consequently every lot will be submitted for positive sale. Buyers are therefore advised to be in punctual attendance.[1]

SALE OF BUILDING. An old landmark, the Durham Ox hotel, was on Wednesday sold by public auction. The building was put up and realised only £47. The outbuildings brought about £30. Mr Davies, of Ballarat was the purchaser. The block of land realised £12, Mr J. O'Brien being the buyer. The hotel has been surrendered, and the Misses Elligett, who have been conducting the business will terminate their lease on New Year's Eve. During their residence here they have been active workers for the R.C. Church and they will be much missed.[2]

The License Reduction Board gave Richard Mills as owner £290 on closing, and Winifred Elligett as licensee received £60.[3]

Site[edit | edit source]

After the sale in 1914, the building was removed. In 1917 a local farmer was killed, the newspaper reported it happened:

"...on the Smeaton road at Allendale, just above the old Durham Ox hotel site..."[4]

History[edit | edit source]

A cottage next to the hotel was burned down in 1904:

ALLENDALE - At 2 o'clock on Tuesday morning a six roomed cottage adjacent to the Durham Ox Hotel, the property of Mr William Jordan, took fire. The brigade was quickly on the scene, but was prevented by the scarcity of water from staying the progress of the flames until the building had been much damaged. The interior was completely gutted. The occupant Mr William Hayes who was absent at the time, is unable to assign any cause for the fire. The building was insured in the Norwich Union[5]

A guest nearly burnt the hotel down in February 1914:

A serious loss, as well as an exciting experience, befel Mr W. Treweek, a representative of the Mitchell Harvester Coy., at eight o'clock on Thursday morning. He having spent the night at the Durham Ox hotel rose early to overhaul his motor cycle, which was in an adjoining building. In some way the petrol tank, which was full, caught fire, when he made a hard effort to get it out of the building but failed, as the flames leaped to the ceiling. To save himself it was abandoned, and the building, which was a mass of flame, was soon destroyed. The alarm was given by the fire bell, and the fire brigade was promptly in attendance, but nothing could be done to save its entire destruction, and in the ruins lay the remains of the motor cycle, which was recently purchased for £65 for the owner. At one stage the Durham Ox Hotel was in serious danger.[6]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

  • Enginedrivers' Association, May 1886, meeting.[7]

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