Eliza Avison

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Eliza Avison
Born Eliza Twomey
Occupation Publican
Years active 1869-1875
Known for Stag Hotel
Home town Kingston
Spouse(s) Thomas Henry Avison
Children Thomas Henry (1864)
Louisa (1865-1866)

Eliza (or Elizabeth) Avison was a publican in the Ballarat district in the 1869-1875.

History[edit | edit source]

Bridget Eliza Toomey, b.1839 Dublin, Ireland, married Thomas Avison (no certificate or registration of marriage found).

Eliza held a beer license in Kingston.[1] In 1871 she was given a license for the Stag Hotel at Kingston.

Their eldest child, Elizabeth b. 15 Aug 1860 married Johann Nicholas Rieniets, Rocky Lead. Thomas Henry born in 1864[2] later became the publican of the Dry Diggings Hotel. A daughter, Louisa, died aged 4mths.[3] George Frederick Avison b1866 went to live in Perth, WA and youngest child Louisa Maud born B1868, married Patrick Murphy, long serving Mayor of Port Melbourne. The same year Louisa was born, Thomas Avison snr died 13 December 1868. Leaving Eliza to raise her children on her own.

In 1869 Eliza had trouble when a man demanded a drink late at night:

On Monday, 26th April, before Mr Lewers, J.P., Arthur Shaw, commonly known as "Flash Harry," and who had been arrested by Constable Bourke on Saturday, was charged with assaulting Elizabeth Avison, at Kingston, on 24th April, and also with wilful destruction of property, value 20s, belonging to the said Elizabeth Avison. It appeared that the prisoner, who was on the spree, had knocked at Mrs Avison's place and demanded drink, whichbeing refused he broke the door in and caught her by the arm, but without at all injuring her. The first charge was withdrawn by the prosecutrix, and on the second the prisoner was fined 1s with 40s damages.[4]

When her son was being held in gaol for the attempted murder of Daylesford jeweller, George Hoare, she applied unsuccessfully for the custody of her grandchild.Avison's mother tried to get custody of the baby:

Mrs Avison, mother of the prisoner Thomas Avison, who is at present confined in the Castlemaine Gaol upon a charge of wounding with intent to murder George Hoare at Dry Diggings, near Taradale, has applied to Sergeant Douglas to her son's child temporarily restored to her. The sergeant advised the woman to leave the matter alone for the present, and she agreed to act upon this advice. The child is still with its mother, who is now staying at her parents residence at Taradale.[5]

In January 1872 a man was charged with theft from the hotel:

Thomas Kelly appeared on remand, charged with stealing a pair of blankets from the premises of Eliza Avison, at Kingston. The bench, after hearing the evidence of Mrs Saville, sentenced the prisoner to fourteen days imprisonment.[6]

In December 1872, Avison was in court over an unpaid court order:

Joseph Tregonning v Eliza Avison, for disobeying an order of the court to pay complainant the sum of £3 4s 3d and 18s 4d costs; a warrant of distress was issued.[7]

In 1874 the cook at the hotel disappeared with a guest's money:

Michael Clarke v Eliza Avison; for illegally detaining a £10-note. Defendant, who is the keeper of an hotel at Kingston, received the note in payment of his bed and breakfast, and gave it to her cook to get change, but the fellow decamped with it. As complainant had received £3 on account, the charge could not be sustained, and the charge was withdrawn.[8]

In July 1875 the police were suspicious that Eliza had deliberately burned down the kitchen at the hotel to claim on the insurance:

An inquest was held at Kingston, on the 1st inst., on a fire which occurred at the Stag Hotel on the night of the 23rd July. The proprietress, a Mrs. Avison, had effected an insurance on a wooden kitchen attached to the brick hotel, furniture and stock, to the extent of £200, the said policy expiring on the 25th July, or just two days after the fire occurred. One of the witnesses also swore that Mrs. Avison had remarked to him some time previous that there might be a conflagration some time before August. This having been talked about induced the police to take the matter in hand. The origin of the fire remains a mystery, and the jury returned an open verdict.[9]

Eliza, also had dogs entered into the local shows. Eliza won a honorary mention for a smooth toy terrier in 1873 at the Smeaton Show.[10], and a second place in 1874.[11] She also won a prize at the 1874 show for her patchwork quilt.[12]

Eliza signed the 1981 Women’s Suffrage Petition, along with her daughter’s Elizabeth & Louisa.

Eliza married Bent Lewin Hanson on 30 March 1883 in Creswick, Victoria. Bent passed away in 1886, Eliza continued to live in Daylesford up until 1909, she then went to live with her daughter Elizabeth.

Bridget Eliza Hansen, passed away 14th September 1911 at Rocky Lead

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