Elizabeth Coulson

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Elizabeth Coulson
Occupation Publican
Years active 1899-1925
Known for Corindhap Hotel
Grapes Hotel
British Queen Hotel
Earl of Zetland Hotel
Grand Hotel
Corner Hotel
Napoleons Hotel
Crown Hotel
North Britain Hotel
Blue Bell Hotel
Home town Ballarat
Spouse(s) George Coulson (c.1863-1912)

Elizabeth Coulson was a publican in Ballarat district, <1899-1925>.

History[edit | edit source]

In June 1899, Elizabeth Coulson took over the license of the Corindhap Hotel at Corindhap from Hugh McKenzie:

LICENSING ACT 1890. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TRANSFER OF LICENSE. We, HUGH M’KENZIE, of Corindhap, the holder of a victualler’s license for the house and premises known as Corindhap Hotel, situate at Corindhap, in the Licensing District of Corindhap, transferror, and ELIZABETH COULSON, of Ballarat, proposed transferee, do hereby give notice that it is our intention to apply to the Licensing Court for the said licensing district on the first, day of June, 1899, at 12 o’clock in the forenoon, at Scarsdale, for a TRANSFER of the said LICENSE from the said Hugh M’Kenzie to the said Elizabeth Coulson. Given under our hands this 22nd day of April. 1899. HUGH M’KENZIE. Transferror. ELIZABETH COULSON, Proposed Transferee. Witness: Goo. Bunting, auctioneer, hotel broker, sworn valuator and commission agent, 16 Armstrong street, Ballarat.[1]

In October 1899, Elizabeth Coulson transferred the license of the Corindhap Hotel to John Sheehan.[2]

In May 1901 the license of the Grapes Hotel was transferred from C. E. Bennett to Elizabeth Coulson.[3]

In May 1904 Elizabeth Coulson transferred the license of the British Queen Hotel to Edward Malone.[4] In April 1905 she held the license for the Earl of Zetland Hotel. Her husband was fined for dealing in stolen gold:

On Wednesday, at the Ballarat East court, Geo. Coulson, husband of the licensee of the Earl of Zetland Hotel, Bridge-street, was charged with, in March last, buying gold while not possessing a license to do so. Defendant who pleaded guilty, when interviewed by the police denied having sold gold to Sim Cohen, a pawnbroker, through Jack Finucane, but upon being pressed he admitted having purchased over 10 oz. of gold from a stranger from Pitfield, which he afterwards sold to Cohen through Finucane for £42. Defendant said he had lost on the transaction, as the gold lost weight in the smelting. He did not know where the stranger got the gold from, but he came to the hotel with two other men, and said he had got it at Pitfield. When asked by Detective Montague if he knew the gold had been stolen from the Birthday Tunnel mine, defendant replied in the negative. Defendant said he had first given the stranger £14, and subsequently a further sum of £28 for the gold. He said he had done a foolish thing, and deserved to be fined £50 for it. The bench imposed a fine of £25.[5]

In July 1906 the license for the Earl of Zetland was transferred from Coulson to James Bambrick.[6]

On 2 November 1906, Coulson took over the license of the Grand Hotel in Lydiard Street from William Henry Stevens.[7]

In October 1908 Coulson transferred her license from the Grand Hotel to the Corner Hotel in Sturt Street.[8]

In 1909 Coulson was living at 55 Lydiard Street North[9], which was probably the Grand Hotel where she was publican in 1911. In January 1911 the publican was charged when her husband got drunk:

INTERESTING LICENSING POINT. At the City Court yesterday, Elizabeth Coulson, licensee of the Grand Hotel, was charged with having allowed a drunken, man on her hotel promises. Constable Carey deposed that the licensee's husband was the person concerned. Mrs. Coulson stated that her husband had been on a drinking bout, and was being specially treated by her in a private parlor, when Constable Carey found him lying on a couch. Mr. Goldsmith, P.M., accepted the police evidence that the man was drunk, but said he would rule, as he had done before, that the husband of a licensee was in the same position, as a lodger, and could not be considered to be drunk on the licensed premises when in a private part of the premises. The case was dismissed.[10]

Her husband died in May 1912 in Napoleons, where she held the license for the Napoleons Hotel.

Mr. George Coulson, of the Napoleons Hotel, Napoleons was found dead in his bedroom on Monday morning. He was a former licensee of the Grand Hotel, Lydiard-street, Ballarat. The coroner has ordered a post mortem examination of the body.[11]

Elizabeth held the licenses, and George acted as the landlord as his obituary indicates:

Much surprise and regret were expressed here this week at the some what sudden and unexpected death of Mr Gcorge Coulson. Deceased had been ill for about a fortnight, and according to the post-mortem examination the cause of death was acute congestion of the lungs and failure of the heart. The late Mr Coulson, who was one of the best known and most popular licensed victuallers in the Ballarat district, was born at Durham (England), and arrived in this country 32 years ago. He was a man in the prime of life, being only 49 years of age at the time of his death. He had been at different times landlord of the Edinburgh Castle, Grand hotel, British Queen, Sir Henry Barkly, Grapes hotel, Earl of Zetland, All Nations and other hotels in and around Ballarat, and also of different hotels in the Corindhap and Scarsdale districts. The deceased was a man of sterling character; of a most genial disposition, and much respected by all who know him. He leaves a widow, four daughters and one son to mourn their loss. His widow (Mrs Coulson) is at present licensee of the Napoleons hotel.[12]

In March 1916, Coulson held the license for the Crown Hotel in Main Road. She was fined for serving soldiers during prohibited hours.[13]

In July 1921 she took over the license of the North Britain Hotel.[14] She transferred the license to Annie Ryan in May 1922.[15]

In January 1925 Coulson moved to the Blue Bell Hotel in Wendouree.[16]

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References[edit | edit source]

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