Ellen Hanrahan

From Hotels of Ballarat
Ellen Teresa Hanrahan
Born 1867
Gisborne, Victoria
Died 10 June 1946
Nationality Australian
Occupation Publican
Years active 1935-1946
Known for Hanrahan's Hotel
Home town Ballan

Ellen Hanrahan was a publican in Ballan, Victoria, 1935-1946.

History[edit | edit source]

Ellen Teresa Hanrahan was born in Gisborne, Victoria, in 1867. She was the second child of farmer John Hanrahan and his wife Johanna.[1] At age four, the family moved to Ballan where her father became the publican of the Royal Mail Hotel, which was then renamed as the Shannon Hotel. In 1874 John opened his own hotel and store, called Hanrahan's Hotel in Inglis Street.

After her father's death in 1895, the hotel and store was operated by her mother for three years. The business was taken over by her brother, Daniel after her mother died in 1898.[2] Ellen took over Hanrahan's Hotel in 1935.

Ellen died on 10 June 1946:

A well-known parishioner of St. Brigid's, Ballan, Miss Ellen Teresa Hanrahan, died at a private hospital, Ballarat, on June 10. The late Miss Hanrahan, who was born at Gisborne, was the elder daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Hanrahan, and went to Ballan with her parents in 1871. Her father established Hanrahan's hotel and store, and built up and conducted a lucrative business until his death in 1896. His eldest son, Mr. Daniel J. Hanrahan, carried on until 1935, when ill-health caused his retirement. Miss Ellen Hanrahan took over the hotel license in 1935 and conducted the business with scrupulous honesty and fairness. She lived a quiet life, devoting herself to her many interests. She was particularly liberal in all matters connected with the Church. Her memory of incidents connected with the early days was remarkable, and she is genuinely mourned by a wide circle of friends. She is survived by one sister. Miss Mary A. Hanrahan, and two brothers, Messrs. Michael and John P. Hanrahan. Three other brothers, Messrs. Daniel J. Hanrahan (who died in 1937), James Hanrahan (1932) and Francis Hanrahan "(1934) predeceased their sister. Requiem Mass for the repose of her soul was conducted by Rev. Fr. Lynch at St. Brigid's Church on the Wednesday morning. The interment took place at the Ballan New Cemetery that afternoon and was well attended. Rev. Fr. Lande, assisted by Rev. Frs. Lynch, Keogh, Moynihan and O'Carroll, officiated. The coffinbearers were Messrs. T. J. Miller (Goller & Co.), N. Foord (Lawless & Co.), W. O'Dell, J. C. Ford, J. Tatterson and P. Dodgshun. The chief mourners were Miss M. Hanrahan (sister), Mr. J. P. Hanrahan- (brother), Mrs. Francis Hanrahan (sisterin-law) and Mr. John Hanrahan (nephew).[3]

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