Ellen Ingram

From Hotels of Ballarat
Ellen Elizabeth Ingram
Born 12 April 1859
Kangaroo Flat, Victoria
Died 18 July 1933
Occupation Publican
Years active 1881-1895
Known for Royal Mail Hotel
Grand National Hotel
Camp Hotel
Home town Waterloo

Ellen Elizabeth Ingram was a publican in Waterloo, Victoria, 1881-1895>

History[edit | edit source]

Ellen Ingram was born in Kangaroo Flat, Victoria, on the 12 April 1859, the eldest daughter of Edward Ingram and Julia Taylor.[1]

In August 1881 she applied for a publican's license at Waterloo. This was opposed as her father, the former publican of the Victoria Hotel in Beaufort, was in a legal dispute with the new publican and the owner:

Joseph Frusher applied to get his publican's license for premises at Waterloo transferred to Ellen Ingram, of Beaufort - Mr Cowan and Mr Vanderstial (Vanderstoel), the owner and the occupier respectively of the Victoria hotel, Beaufort, appeared to object to the transfer, as the transferee's father still held a license for the aforesaid Victoria hotel, of which he was formerly tenant The bench pointed out that the license was for the daughter of Mr Ingram, and granted the transfer as requested.[2]

Her hotel was destroyed by a fire on 2 April 1882:

The Royal Mail Hotel at Waterloo, occupied by Miss Helen Ingram was totally destroyed by fire at 3 o clock on Sunday morning, together with all its contents. Not a single article was saved, the inmates of the house escaping in their night dresses The fire is supposed to have been caused by some clothes placed on a horse in front of the kitchen fire igniting The house, furniture and stock were insured in the Queen Company for £500, and a billiard table in the house was insured in the Union of New Zealand Company for £75.[3]

In September 1892, the she took over the license of the Grand National Hotel in Armstrong Street, Ballarat, from Mary J. Mallen.[4]

In September 1894, she surrendered the license for the Grand National Hotel:

by Miss E. E. Ingram, to surrender the license of the Grand National hotel, Armstrong street; by Mrs A. Jenkins, to allow Miss E. E. Ingram to carry on business at the Camp hotel, Sturt street, until December.[5]

In September 1894, Ingram advertised she had taken the license for the Camp Hotel in Sturt Street, Ballarat, and was moving from the Grand National Hotel in Armstrong Street.[6]

In May 1895, she was fined for allowing betting on the premises:

At the City Court to-day, Miss Ellen Elizabeth Ingram, licensee of the Camp Hotel, Sturt-street, was charged with allowing betting on her premises. The alleged offence was committed through the agency of a totalisator. Inspector Hamilton said he did not wish to press for a heavy fine, and the bench, therefore, imposed the minimum penalty of £2.[7]

She died in Melbourne on 18 July 1933.[1]

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