Emma Gilbert

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Emma Gilbert
Born Emma Kent
Died 10 April 1895
Ballan, Victoria
Occupation Publican
Years active 1887-1895
Known for Stork Hotel, Ballarat
Railway Hotel, Ballan
Home town Ballarat
Spouse(s) William Lyle Gilbert
  • George Kent (father)
  • Elizabeth Edwards (mother)

Emma Gilbert was a publican in Ballarat and Ballan, 1887-1895.

History[edit | edit source]

Emma Kent was born c.1843, the daughter of George Kent and Elizabeth Edwards.[1]

She married William Lyle Gilbert.[2]

She held the license for the Stork Hotel in Ballarat after her husband's death in January 1887.

Mrs Gilbert, of the Stork hotel, in returning thanks for the liberal patronage accorded her since the death of her late husband, notifies that she intends to carry on the business, and asks a continuance of their favors.[3]

She was granted permission to continue the hotel under the existing license:

Emma Gilbert, widow, and administratrix in the estate of the late William L. Gilbert, was granted permission to carry on the business of the Stork hotel, Armstrong street, until the expiration of the license.[4]

He daughter Lizzie married in 1889:

WEST — JENKINS. — On the 4th November, at Charlton by the Rev. W. H. White, George A. West, of Ballarat, to Lizzie Jenkins, eldest daughter of Mrs. E. Gilbert, Stork Hotel, Ballarat.[5]

In June 1891 she was one of two publicans charged with breaches of the licensing laws:

Theresa Dansey, licensee of the Australian Arms hotel, and Emma Gilbert, licensee of the Stork hotel, were each fined £5, with 3s 6d costs, for having the bar doors in their licensed premises unlocked during prohibited hours.[6]

She held the license for the Railway Hotel in Ballan until her death in 1895.

She died in Ballan on 10 April 1895[7]:

Mrs. Gilbert, licensee of the Railway hotel, and formerly for many years licensee of the Stork hotel, Ballarat, died on Tuesday night from diabetes. The deceased was widely known and esteemed, and leaves an orphan family of several sons and daughters, the youngest of whom is about 12 years old. Her remains will be removed to Ballarat for interment. Her eldest married daughter died just one month previously. Deep sympathy is felt for the sorrowing family.[8]

GILBERT.— The Friends of the late Mrs EMMA GILBERT, relict of the Mr William L. Gilbert, formerly of the Stork hotel, are respectfully invited to follow her remains to their last resting place, Ballarat New Cemetery. The funeral will leave the Ballarat West Railway Station This Day (Thursday) on arrival of the 12 noon train from Ballan.[2]

In February 1901, another of her daughter's was robbed while living in Middle Park:

The other robbery occurred at the house of a Mr George Gilbert, which Miss Gilbert also thought she locked up securely on leaving for an afternoon visit. She was undeceived, however, on her return by finding that burglars had broken in and cleared the house of jewellery valued at about £40. Amongst the stolen property was a lady’s gold hunting Waltham watch, with the inscription. “Alice M. Gilbert, Stork hotel, Armstrong street, Ballarat, 1881.”[9]

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