Essex Hotel

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Essex Hotel
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Town Ballarat
Street Burnbank Street
Known dates 1863-1956

The Essex Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1863-1956>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The Essex Hotel was described as being in Burnbank Street (1863)[1], Learmonth Road in 1915, and Howitt Street in 1923. It was close to the Wendouree Bowling Club.

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In December 1877 the police objected to the renewal of J. F. Sanden's license on the grounds that the hotel was dilapidated and badly furnished. The case was adjourned for two weeks.[2]

On 22 March 1915, the hotel was included on a list of hotels to be deprived of their licenses. This list was complied by the Licenses Reduction Board in Melbourne. Licensing district hearings for hotels on this list were to be held at the Ballarat Supreme Court on 11 May.[3] The hotel was not closed.

In March 1920 the hotel was again included on a list of hotels which faced possible closure by the Licenses Reduction Board:

The owner and licensee of the Essex hotel, in the Dowling Forest, licensing district, were represented by Mr J. B. Pearson. Sergeant Rogers deposed that the hotel was an old wooden building, containing 11 rooms, six of which were available for public use. The house was in fair condition, and was properly furnished. There was no conviction against the house. The Royal Oak hotel, in the same street, was half a mile away, and the Blue Bell hotel, also in the same street, was three quarters of a mile off. In his opinion, only two of the three hotels were required. Constable Morris agreed entirely with the evidence of the previous witness. To the Chairman—In his opinion, the Ballarat North area was progressing...James Wilson, licensee of the Essex hotel, state that he had been in occupation for 30 years. He gave evidence with regard to the demand by the public for accommodation at the house. He did a big bottle trade. Mr Graham —Your returns are low. and your profit on bottled beer must be very small. Witness —There is very little profit on the bottled beer, but I sell a lot of it. The Wendouree Bowling Club is alongside, and they take a good lot of it. (Laughter.) Mr Pearson—They have no club license? Witness —No. Several witnesses testified that the closing of the Essex hotel would be a great inconvenience to the public.[4]

The hotel was one of six hotels whose licenses were challenged by the police in 1956. They claimed to hotel was not in a fit or proper condition to be a licensed premises. The Licensing Court 1956 hearings eventually renewe the license.[5]

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