Eunice Underwood

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Eunice Underwood
Occupation Publican
Years active 1855-1863
Known for Charlie Napier Hotel
Unicorn Hotel
Spouse(s) Robert Underwood

Eunice Underwood was a publican in Ballarat, <1862 - 1863>.

History[edit | edit source]

Eunice Underwood was the wife of Robert Underwood and they operated the Charlie Napier Hotel in Main Road. On 1 December 1855 a huge fire destroyed the nearby United States Hotel and many other businesses. The Charlie Napier hotel was in great danger of being burned, and brave action by Eunice Underwood is credited with saving both the hotel and possibly Ballarat:

At one period of the fire it was considered impossible to save the Charlie Napier Hotel ; and great praise is due to those who gave their timely assistance to arrest the flames spreading. Wet blankets were thrown over the end nearest the fire, and their being constantly wetted by water thrown over them were the means of saving not only the building, but it may be said the whole of Ballarat, for had the Charlie Napier took fire, it is difficult to tell where the flames would have spread. We observed with admiration the coolness of, and effective assistance rendered by Mrs Underwood during all the excitement. She was seen fetching blankets, wetting them, handing the water, and other wise rendering assistance in such a style as would have done credit to some captain of a fire brigade.[1]

Robert was declared bankrupt later that month, and left the hotel. They later took up the Unicorn Hotel in Sturt Street. After his death in 1861 she took over the license for the Unicorn Hotel:

In re Robert Underwood, deceased. On the motion of Mr Atkins, probate of the will of Robert Underwood, late of Ballarat, hotel-keeper, deceased, was granted to Eunice Underwood, the widow and sole executrix and sole devisee of the deceased.[2]

Eunice Underwood held the license for the Unicorn Hotel in 1862-1863.[3][4]

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