Fassert's Hotel

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Fassert's Hotel
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Town Ballarat
Street Main Road
Closed December 1857
Known dates 1857
Other names Scandinavian Hotel

Fassert's Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, <1857.


The hotel was in Main Road, Ballarat[1], near the junction of Bakery Hill Road.[2]


The hotel was probably named for the publican, Charles P. Fassert.[1]


During the license hearing in June 1857, complaints were raised about the hotel:

Charles P. Fassert, Fassert's Hotel, Main road. Mr Taylor complained of the number of beds in the rooms, and of the uncleanliness of the linen. Granted[1]

In July 1857 the hotel was offered for sale:

THIS DAY. To be sold without reserve. Fassert's Hotel, Furniture, Stock, &c. J. & T. ODDIE are instructed to sell by public auction, on Tuesday, 28th July, 1857, the whole of those premises, known as Fassert's Hotel and Restaurant, Together with all the furniture, stock, and everything else belonging to the said hotel. The house is fitted up with every requisite for a hotel and restaurant, and is well situate upon the busiest part of the Main-road, Ballarat. The whole to be sold Without the slightest reserve, Upon Tuesday, the 28th July, 1857, At 11 o'clock a.m., on the premises. Terms cash.[3]

The hotel was renamed as the Scandinavian Hotel in December 1857 with publican Thomas Asche.[2]

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