Francis Sheridan

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Francis Sheridan
Occupation Storekeeper
Mining company Director
Years active 1870-1882
Known for Camp Hotel
Guiding Star Hotel
Golden Gate Gold Mining Company
Home town Smythesdale
Spouse(s) Bridget
Children Mary Ann
Ellen Josephine

Francis (Frank) Sheridan was a publican in Smythesdale, <1870-1882>.

History[edit | edit source]

(There was a Francis Sheridan, a police constable in Ballarat in December 1856.[1])

In May 1862, Francis Sheridan, a storekeeper of Smythesdale, sort to distance himself from another man of the same name:

A DISCLAIMER. SIR, Having seen a paragraph in your paper of this day stating a person of the name of Francis Sheridan has been remanded for an indecent assault; l am of the same name, and I disclaim all knowledge of the person in custody. The reason why I notice the matter is, that the name as not a common one, and I am an old resident of Ballarat,and have felt annoyed at this. Hoping you will be kind enough to insert this, or make your own remarks, I remain yours, F. SHERIDAN, Storekeeper. Smythesdale, 27th May.[2]

In December 1865, Sheridan was involved in a road accident in Scarsdale:

On the evening of Tuesday, 19th December, Mr Francis Sheridan, of Smythesdale, was returning home in his conveyance through Scarsdale, and when in the main street of that town he observed a little boy close in front of the conveyance, and called out to him to leave the road. The poor little fellow being deaf and dumb, of course the warning was useless, and before the animal could be pulled up the lad was knocked down. He sustained some injuries; fortunately, however, they are not of a dangerous character. Dr Bangay has been in attendance on the sufferer.[3]

Francis Sheridan held the license for the Camp Hotel in Brooke Street, Smythesdale, from at least November 1870:

A certificate authorising the issue of a publican’s license was granted to Francis Sheridan for the Camp hotel, Smythesdale.[4]

His license was renewed from December 1871 until December 1881.[5][6][7] His license was renewed in December 1873, 1876, 1877 and 1879. [8][9][10][11][12][13]

In November 1867 his horse died on Ballarat road:

Mr Francis Sheridan, Smythesdale, was returning from Ballarat, on Saturday evening, in his buggy, accompanied by a friend, and had got nearly as far as the Banner of War Hotel, when the animal in the buggy, a fine young mare, valued at about £25, suddenly swerved in the middle of the road, and, reeling to one side of the highway, fell down, breaking one of the shafts, and expiring almost instantaneously.[14]

In February 1873, Sheridan chaired a meeting of the Golden Gate Gold Mining Company, and was also reappointed as a company director:

The quarterly meeting was held at Tenbrink’s Court-house hotel, Smythesdale, on 21st February; Mr F. Sheridan in the chair. At the commencement of the meeting there were fourteen, shareholders present, representing 340 shares...Messrs F. Sheridan, C. Tenbrink, A. Veitch, J. Keith, and C. Bettridge were elected directors...[7]

In February 1879, Sheridan was charged with swearing at a customer:

Susan Burridge v Francis Sheridan, using obscene language within hearing of persons passing in a public place. Complainant said she went to defendant's hotel to ask for someone, and defendant used the language complained of to her. The bench dismissed the case.[15]

In June 1880 Sheridan was the witness in a court case against Mary Ann Thompson who had been begging in the district.[16]

In February 1882 Sheridan stood for election to the Ballarat Mining Board:

Mr Francis Sheridan, one of the candidates for the representation of the Smythesdale division of the Ballarat Mining Board, held a very successful meeting on Thursday evening in the Town Hall, Smythesdale. There was a good attendance, between 50 and 60 persons being present. Mayor Proctor was voted to the chair, and in a few well-selected remarks opened the meeting, and then introduced the candidate, who was well received, Mr Sheridan delivered an intelligent and pointed address, during which he dealt exhaustively with the various important phases of the gold mining interests, and strongly advocated the necessity of a comprehensive water scheme for the district, which had been entirely neglected, and was badly needed, Mr Sheridan also stated his belief that it was desirable that the present charge for miners'-rights be reduced to 2s 6d, and thought that the system of granting leases should be dealt with cautiously. In reply to a question whether he was in favor of the mining boards being abolished, he replied that he was not, as be thought they were useful and necessary. Mr Sheridan, whose address lasted about half an hour was frequently applauded, and his views appeared to meet with general approval. Mr Porter moved, and Mr Watson seconded—"That Mr Francis Sheridan is a fit and proper person to represent the interests of the Smythe’s Creek division of the Ballarat Mining Board,” which was carried mem. con. Mr Sheridan proposed a cordial vote of thanks to Mayor Proctor, for his able conduct in the chair, which was carried with acclamation. The meeting then closed.[17]

In December 1881 Sheridan's license was renewed.[13]

In March 1882 he sold the Camp Hotel and bought a new one, the Guiding Star Hotel:

Another of the old identities of Smythesdale, Mr Francis Sheridan, will take his departure from our midst in the course of a short time, his hotel and effects having been disposed of by auction on Monday by Messrs Freeman and Ashbee, of Ballarat. Mr Sheridan has been residing in this district for about 25 years, and was engaged in mining pursuits in the early and more palmy days of the gold fields, as well as in more recent days; but like numbers of others, his labors in this direction were not crowned with success. For several years Mr Sheridan was the proprietor and landlord of the Camp hotel, Brooke street. He filled the office of borough councillor and other positions of trust for several years, and always took an active and intelligent part in the affairs of the borough, and his absence from the council table will be much missed, and his place difficult to fill. Mr Sheridan has purchased the Guiding Star hotel, on the Smythesdale and Ballarat road, where he will carry on business for the future.[18]

His eldest daughter was married in February 1892:

RYAN— SHERIDAN.— On the 3rd February, at St. Francis's R.C. Church, Melbourne, by the Rev. Father Walsh, Charles James Ryan, second son of the late John T. Ryan. soap manufacturer, of Liverpool, to Mary Ann (Ciss), eldest daughter of Francis Sheridan, late hotel-keeper, Ballarat and Smythesdale. Home papers please copy.[19]

His second daughter was married in March 1893:

GORRELL — SHERIDAN.— On the 28th December, at St. Peter and Paul's R.C. Church, South Melbourne, by the Rev. Dr. Graber, D.D., William Josiah Perkins, only son of the late William Gorrell, of Devonport, England, to Elizabeth Josephine, second daughter of Francis Sheridan, late hotel keeper, Ballarat and Smythesdale. Ballarat and home papers please copy.[20]

His eldest daughter, Mary Ann, was widowed, and remarried in April 1899:

O'DOWD—RYAN.—On the 30th July, at St. Patrick's Church, Fremantle, by the Rev. Father Ryan, Michael, fourth son of John O'Dowd, Galway, Ireland, to Mary Anne, oldest daughter of the late Francis Sheridan, Ballarat, and widow of the late Charles J. Ryan, of Melbourne. Home and Victorian papers please copy.[21]

His wife, Bridget, died in Melbourne in June 1924:

SHERIDAN.— At Northcote, Victoria, Bridget, widow Francis Sheridan, Ballarat, Smythesdale, Law Courts, Melbourne, beloved mother Mrs. Gorrell, London; Mrs. O'Dowd, Subiaco; Mrs. Giles, West Leederville ; colonist 70 years, aged 88 years. RIP.[22]

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