Freemasons' Hotel (Daylesford)

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Freemasons' Hotel
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Town Daylesford
Known dates 1857-1859

The Freemasons' Hotel was a hotel in Daylesford, Victoria, <1857-1859>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Daylesford.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In March 1857 a dinner was held at the hotel to raise money to erect a statue to William Wallace:

We have received from our correspondent at Daylesford, a very long account of the festival held at the Freemason's Hotel, on Thursday, Feb. 26, in aid of the effort now being made to erect a monument to the hero of Scotland, Sir William Wallace. About one hundred and fifty guests, representatives of many countries, were present. The repast provided was a theme of general commendation. The usual loyal and constitutional toasts having been given and responded to, The Chairman, in an eloquent and impressive speech, gave the "Memory of Sir William Wallace, the great patriot and hero of Scotland." The toast was received in solemn silence, the company standing. The next toast was that of J. P. Hamilton, Esq., the lineal descendant of the great hero. Mr. Hamilton in acknowledging the toast, modestly refuted the imputed descent in a direct line, but expressed his belief that he shared in the hero's blood through a collateral female branch of the genealogical tree. "The memory of Burns," was followed by the "Land o' Cakes," Mr. Semple responding to the latter toast. Other toasts followed, including "Robert Bruce," "Robert Burns, the Bard of Scotland," "the Gold Fields of Australia," "the Chairman,"&c., &c. A subscription was entered into, the amount of which was not stated by our correspondent but is believed to be a handsome amount. The company broke up highly pleased with the whole.[1]

On New Year's Day 1859, the hotel was the venue for a sports day:

The din of preparation for the new year's sports at the Freemason's hotel is distinctly heard, and numbers are rushing to the entry lists to make sport on the occasion. A platform is being erected for the judges, and every possible arrangement for the comfort of the people is being fully carried out. The prizes are liberal.[2]

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