George Smith

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George Smith
Occupation Publican
Years active 1863-1864
Known for Beaufort Hotel
White Hart Hotel
Kent Arms Hotel
Home town Ballarat

George Smith was a publican in Ballarat, <1863-1864>.

History[edit | edit source]

Smith was a publican and carpenter in Ballarat. In the 1860s he was the publican of the White Hart Hotel[1][2] and also owned the Beaufort Hotel in Eyre Street. He was declared insolvent in 1864, and the furniture and stock of the White Hart Hotel was seized to pay creditors. The Beaufort Hotel was also seized and sold by the Sherriff. Smith had moved some stock and furniture to the Beaufort Hotel where he had leased the business to Lucy Harriet Ward. The Geelong Insolvency Court tried to untangle Smith's business and discover his assets:

George Smith, Ballarat. Insolvent, lately an hotel and storekeeper, at Sturt-street, Ballarat, was examined. by Mr Harwood. He said the stock and furniture of the White Hart hotel were taken by the creditors in January. Messrs Taylor and Sprigg had been appointed trustees at a meeting of creditors held just previously, and the following day gave them possession. No deed of assignment was executed. Taylor subsequently ordered insolvent off the premises, and threatened to give him in charge if he did not go. His Honor—But you ought to have known that you need not have gone. You had not executed a deed. Insolvent continued - He had built the Beaufort hotel Ballarat. It was sold by the sheriff in March last. The house had been let at L2 per week. It was leasehold ground, rented of John Thomas Jackson, at L50 per annum for 21 years. Mr Randall, the solicitor, held the lease at present. The house cost L700 building. It was not let at a good rental, but the town thereabout had gone down very much. Mrs Ward rented the Beaufort. She had been insolvent's housekeeper. Let the house to her because no one would make a better offer. Mrs Ward furnished the house. Insolvent had been paying her L75 per year wages for about four years. Some furniture went from the White Hart to the Beaufort— a very fine piano. Insolvent stocked the Beaufort to the amount of L100. Was paid by Mrs Ward's acceptance, which insolvent gave to Curie and M'Donald, for wines and spirits obtained from them. Insolvent bad been living at the Beaufort for the last few weeks, paying for his board and lodging. Been working as a carpenter. The piano sent from the White Hart to the Beaufort belongs to a Miss Jackson, of Soldiers' Hill. Insolvent said after making the assignment he gave himself no trouble whatever about his affairs. Did not know what the Beaufort was sold for. Did not care. Considered he had been badly treated and ruined. His Honor severely commented upon, the insolvent's conduct in allowing his estate thus to go to waste. Mr Harwood painted out, in answer to insolvent's complaint of bad treatment, that the schedule exhibited liabilities L2916, and assets L24. Insolvent said his books were in the hands of the creditors. Did not ask for them to enable him to file his schedule. The meeting was then adjourned, the insolvent being ordered to file a supplementary schedule within fourteen days of the next sitting of the Court, of the whole of his dealings and transactions for the twelve months previous to his insolvency.[3]

In September 1866 a George Smith applied for a license for the Kent Arms Hotel in Grant Street.[4]

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