Gilchrist's Brewery

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Gilchrist's Brewery
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Town Warrenheip
Closed 1858
Known dates 1857
Other names Jamieson and Gilchrist

Gilchrist's Brewery was a brewery at Warrenheip, Victoria, <1857-1858

Site[edit | edit source]

The brewery was on the western side of western side of Mount Warrenheip.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

The brewery was also known as Gilchrist and Jamieson, or Jamieson and Gilchrist.[2] In 1858 it was purchased by Mr. Roxburgh.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

The Ballarat Star reported on the hotel in April 1857:

Not long after it had been clearly demonstrated by the establishment at Buninyong, that brewing in this district could be carried on with success, the brewery at Warrenheip was started by its present enterprising proprietor, Mr. W. J. Gilchrist. Situated on the western side of Mount Warrenheip, it has the advantage of the water from the well known and celebrated springs in that locality, one of which discharges itself at the rate of about six gallons per minute, within the precincts of the premises. It is remarkable that the temperature of this water maintains an almost unvarying equality during summer and winter, indicating about 52 degrees Fahrenheit. This brewery is capable of producing about eighty hogsheads per week if required, and has cellarage capacity for about a similar quantity. The loftiness of the cellarage, which is excavated out of the hill side, is a great advantage during the fermenting process from the equal temperature maintained in it. The ale and porter made by Mr Gilchrist, is invariably a pure extract of malt and hops; and it is by a rigid adherence to this rule, that his beer has attained and commands a deservedly high reputation. At the Industrial Exhibition in Melbourne, a silver medal was awarded to him for a sample of Colonial ale. A skilful and experienced chemist - all that experiment can accomplish in perfecting the manufacture - is patiently sought after, and we doubt not that before another season has elapsed, the ale produced at this establishment will become generally recognised as in no way inferior to the imported article.[1]

The early history of the brewery was reported in The Star in 1889:

The next brewers were Jamieson and Gilchrist, or Gilchrist and Jamieson, whose place was at Warrenheip, where Rowlands now gets his water for soda water and lemonade making. The site is now owned by Mr Coghlan, the brewer.[2]

In 1857-8 Mr Roxburgh bought the Gilchrist and Jamieson concern, and about the same time M’Gill and Coghlan bought a brewery plant which Jamieson alone had set up in the present (1889) site of Magill and Coghlan’s brewery at Warrenheip. They bought from the Rev. Mr Low, of Geelong, who had a lien on the place, Low being Gilchrist’s father-in-law, and Gilchrist afterwards becoming town clerk of Fitzroy.[2]

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References[edit | edit source]

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